Do Raspberry Ketones Work for Weight Loss?

Do Raspberry Ketones Work for Weight Loss?

Do raspberry ketones work to burn fat and help you lose weight?

We all know that raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and other berries have powerful anitoxidant properties that fight off disease, but not many of us know about ketones.

The naturally-occurring compound is even endorsed by leading health professional Dr. Oz, who featured raspberry ketones on his popular TV show.

best raspberry ketones product

The chemical occurs naturally in red raspberries, and has been shown to increase lean body mass, while burning fat.


When people use raspberry ketones along with a healthy diet and exercise plan, the substance works wonders on the body. It burns fat even when you’re at rest.

best raspberry ketones

So, do raspberry ketones work? Yes; but make sure you choose only the best brands to make sure you’re getting the full benefit – without additives or filler.

Check out the selection below, and give your weight-loss program a real kick-start!

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Jack Reacher Books – by Author Lee Child

lee child author of jack reacher books

Lee Child – creator of Jack Reacher

Jack Reacher is the freshest hero to hit the scene in years. Two words describe him best – likeable and extremely-capable.

second son kindle short story - another of Lee Child books

Second Son – 40 ppg short available on Kindle


This ex-military policeman with extraordinary fighting skills and unbreakable will is a reluctant hero – but you definitely want him on your side when there’s trouble on the horizon.

lee child books jack reacher movie cruise sniper

How good are Child’s Reacher books? OneShot was made into the 2012 movie Jack Reacher. It cost $60 million and made over $218 million.

tom cruise plays jack reacher movie

British author Lee Child is the #1 international bestselling author because of his sure hand in crafting his Jack Reacher thrillers.

Trust me when I say all the books in the series are absolute page-turners. Chronologically, the first book features Jack during his final days in the military – check out The Enemy:

jack reacher series the enemy lee child books

The Enemy is the only book that features Reacher in the military, the rest follow his wandering civilian life afterwards – click below to the books in the ongoing series to date:

lee child full jack reacher books set

You won’t be disappointed!


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  1. Salamander Army: Yeah...Jack Reacher is awesome! For anyone wanting to read the books in order after The Enemy, here's the list: 1.…

Best Chromebook for Your Home Business

Best Chromebook for Your Home Business

Best Chromebook I’ve ever used – and I’ve had several – is the HP Chromebook 14 by far.

samsung chromebook smaller


The Acer was entry-level and performed alright. The Samsung version was great – if a bit small.

The HP represents the pinnacle of the browser-based laptop market. Any other amendments will likely be extras that the home business person isn’t particularly interested in.

best Chromebook turquoise  hp

Ocean turquoise Chrome book

The best chromebook HP 14 has a 16 GB solid-state drive and a blazing-fast 1.4 GHz Intel Celeron chip.

Chrome icon

Remember, it isn’t a conventional laptop with all kinds of software; it’s a Chrome browser. That means all that power goes to the browser, and you’ll notice the speeds at which this thing starts up.

chromebook speed comparison image


The 14-inch screen is markedly-larger than the Samsung Chrome book, and the 100 GB of free Google Drive storage means you no longer have to rely on Microsoft Word to get any work done.

Did I mention it saves your work ecery half-second or so? You literally can’t lose that essay or report you’ve been working on for four hours.

hp best chromebook 14

10 hours of battery life!!!

Lastly and most impressively, there’s the battery. Whoa.

I’ve actually left the power adapter at home and spent 8 hours at Starbucks working on my HP Chromebook, using just the battery.

You can get half-a-day out of it, or 6 hours when using many browsers at once. This best Chromebook comes in silver/snow white, turquoise, and peach. Click below to learn more!

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  1. Doyin: Great information! Great review. Thanks

Keurig Coffee Maker – The Best Coffeemaker for Home Kitchens

Keurig Coffee Maker – The Best Coffeemaker for Home Kitchens

Keurig coffee maker is a picture of elegance and convenience.

coffee beans

This single-cup best coffee maker brews exquisite coffee with just a touch at various cup sizes.

brewed coffee

It lasts longer than the Cuisinart brand and is much easier to use. There are few things as wonderful as the aroma of freshly-brewed coffee in the morning.

Keurig coffee maker

Try this best-selling Keurig coffee maker machine and see why users say it makes excellent coffee, lattes and mochas.

Click below to learn more about the best single serve coffee maker and other selections for your morning brew.

click here for coffee!

click here for coffee!

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Roku Streaming Media Player for TVs


Roku rules: make any TV a smart TV using this streaming media player.

smart tv

With many channels to choose from, you can get all the benefits of Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Go, and Hulu Plus without the need of a next gen console or computer.

media player back end

It is also customizable via the Roku channel service. Most units can be connected to the TV via HDMI or component cables.

It is very simple to set up, and it even has a USB-ready device.

roku usb stick

Click below to save on the devices now.

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Mario Kart Wii U – Super Mario Kart is Back!

Mario Kart Wii U – Super Mario Kart is Back!

Mario Kart Wii U is a bona-fide best-seller on Nintendo’s newest console platform.

Featuring antigravity, built-in cart rockets and much more, this is the best Mario Kart game yet! Cool new racing arenas and top graphics.

rosalina mario kart

Wow. Rosalina of Mario KArt

One feature that fans are raving about is the speed boost: bump into your opponents the right way and you accelerate.

mariokart image shyguy

There’s a 12 online player option, and all kinds of racing vehicles from which to choose. Click below for the juicy details:

mario kart wii u banner


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Intex Air Mattress – Inflatable Air Bed for Guests

woman on air mattress by Intex

The air mattress is the chief product by trusted air bed maker Intex.

intex airbed logo

There are so many varieties available; we got a queen air bed for our 4 year-old nephews on weekend sleep-overs.

air couch with two people

As you can see  above, Intex isn’t limited to just the conventional air bed. There are couches and other options.

Many of them have built-in air mattress electric pumps, too.

They make great outdoor sleeping mats, too – click below for the many different kinds of Intex air mattresses.

intex airbed logo

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The Breville Juicer for Whole-Food Health

The Breville Juicer for Whole-Food Health

A Breville juicer  is often the anchor of any serious diet. Apples, oranges, spinach, pomegranate and more can be easily crushed into all-natural, delicious liquids.

breville juicer and foods

You can get in your entire daily value of essential nutrients with the wonderful, whole-food smoothies the powerful Breville Juicer is capable of making.

colored juices from breville juicer

With so many different selections, you can crush and mix fruits and veggies to the desired consistency.

Check out the best juicer designs by clicking below. You’re on your way to healthy living from a cup!


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The Surface Pro – The Tablet Ultrabook by Microsoft

Microsoft's premier business tablet

The Surface Pro by Microsoft, as a business-class 10-inch plus tablet device, outperforms the competition. As expected, the price reflects its abilities.

The Surface Pro is a full HD tablet with up to 128 GB SSD and massive processing power – equivalent to a high-end laptop.

microsoft's tablet


The 8GB of RAM gives you a much smoother experience than other tablets. It also functions admirably as an ultrabook, although the keypad is a separate purchase.

microsoft surface pro tablet selections

browse different surface pros

The form-factor is very aesthetic, with an elegant look and feel. Browse below to see which Surface Pro best suits your needs:



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Huge Hard Drive Storage: WD My Cloud 4TB, 8TB Physical and Cloud Storage

Huge Hard Drive Storage: WD My Cloud 4TB, 8TB Physical and Cloud Storage

There are hard drives – and then there are cloud storage hard drives. If you need huge file space, then the WD My Cloud is for you.

You can transfer files using Gigabit Ethernet with its intuitive, web-based interface. Access your files from your Tablet, Smartphone, Laptop or other mobile device.

wd my cloud personal storage

4TB, 6TB and 8TB hard drives

Furthermore, the WD My Cloud hard drive is quickly and easily discovered by your router and other devices.

With a whopping 8TB (or 4TB) of space, you can centralize all the files from everyone in your family.

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Download Movies with Your Account

click to download movies

You can download movies and download files with an Premium account at blazing-fast speeds.

Get your account, then head to and first type in the name of any file, then “” after it.

game of thrones image

american hustle all star cast

Furthermore, offers you anywhere from 100GB to 1TB of back-up space for all your files and other downloads – at a low, one-time fee!

Upload documents, video, images, etc and share them with anyone by sending them a link.

Download movies and shows like Game of Thrones, Greys Anatomy, movies 2014, adult movies and much, much more.

Click the logo below to get your premium uploaded account, then head to to see what you can download.

download movies uploaded account

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Gold Hoop Earrings – 24k, 14k, 10k, Yellow Gold and More

beyonce wearing gold hoop earrings

When it comes to gold hoop earrings for women, there’s just something about the effect the geometry has on a woman’s face.

They enhance her natural beauty and focus attention on the eyes, nose and lips.

From the rich 24k gold hoop earrings, to the sturdier 14k and 10k and yellow gold-plated varieties, there’s something for every budget.

Choose from many different circular diameters, from less than half-an-inch to 2 full inches (big!).

2 inch diameter gold hoops

2-inch gold hoops

Click below for a view of the many kinds of hoop earrings available.

gold buy now

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George Foreman Grill – The Perfect Indoor Grilling Appliance

George Foreman Grill – The Perfect Indoor Grilling Appliance

Former Heavyweight Boxing Champion George Foreman’s famous Foreman Grill delivers delectable meats and grilled veggies.

grilled beef peppers shish-kabobs

In fact, it’s safe to say it revolutionized indoor grilling for the average consumer, with a very attractive price point.

George foreman grill

The George Foreman Grill is well marketed, and available in a huge range of models to suit the size of your family. The Foreman grill can easily cook:

  • richly-grilled Tilapia
  • sirloin steak
  • chicken breast
  • jumbo shrimp
  • peppers
  • juicy zucchini

foreman grilled chicken platter

and almost any other food.  Our family especially loves the high-quality shish kabobs (with all the flavors preserved!) produced by the excellent grilling technique.

Take a look at the wide range of affordable George Foreman Grills to see which one suits you….


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Gerber Baby Food, Enfamil, Similac and Healthy Alternatives

Gerber Baby Food, Enfamil, Similac and Healthy Alternatives

Gerber baby food is recommended by many hospitals for your growing child.

baby food

With organic flavors like Turkey (real Turkey), sweet potato and more, you can be sure your child’s diet is on the right track.

black baby eating baby food

Before your little bundle of joy is walking about, infant food from trusted baby food makers like Similac and Enfamil are great choices.

enfamil baby food

These help ensure your child is getting all the nutrients she needs to grow up strong and healthy.

similac baby food

Pay close attention to the types of food for the different stages in your baby‘s life. You can even choose to go fully organic with your own baby food maker:

baby food maker


buy baby food


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The Best Baby Monitor for Safety and Security

best baby monitor

The best baby monitor is made by Infant Optics, and is quite popular for keeping an eye on your little one.

Coming in a soft sky blue color, the night vision capabilities puts this baby monitor ahead of the curve, and enhances your baby’s safety and security.

baby monitor sleeping

sleeping baby

keep watch over your lil angels…

Operates at 2.4 GHz, with wireless transmission up to 800 feet – that’s over 2.5 football fields!

The best baby monitor has some competition, though – take a look at the other bestsellers by clicking below.


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TitanFall PC Game – Award Winning Multiplayer FPS


titanfall images

It is the latest next-generation PC game that’s sweeping up all the video game awards.

Riveting graphics, an engrossing robot-suit concept and more bring will bring you to your knees in awe.

Made by the creators of the uber-popular Call of Duty, Titanfall takes no prisoners in its advanced warfare simulation.

Just wait till you experience the feeling of your own personal, 8-meter tall Titan and the futuristic weaponry it brings to the battlefield.

titanfall pc again

Get your download and start playing Titanfall PC in mere minutes!

Available for the PC (Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 no problem) and Xbox 360.

For avid fans, get your Collector’s Edition by clicking the image below:

titanfall collectors edition

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Best Webcam for Your HD Life

Best Webcam for Your HD Life

The people have spoken, and the best webcam is the Logitech HD Pro Webcam.

Whether you’re Skyping, making high-definition home movies or video-conferencing, this HD webcam gets the job done.

logitech webcam computer monitor setup

With a high quality vs affordability ratio, this best HD webcam lets you turn out eye-catching images and video with no hassle.

logitech best webcam pic of girl

Full HD 1080p, autofocus, riveting 15 MP visual quality and more – the Logitech Pro affixes to the top of your monitor securely, or to a tripod.

Buy Now Orange

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Indoor Bug Zapper – Protect Your Kitchen from Insects

indoor bug zapper

Indoor bug zapper: Tired of the summer fruit flies taking over your kitchen? Zap ‘em!

fruit fly

The occasional mosquito terrorizing your kids?

This indoor bug zapper is safe and effective. Take back your home and keep your fruits fresh.


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Portable Air Conditioner – A Hand Held Air Cooler!

portable air conditioner

This portable air conditioner is the ultimate in mobile, personal convenience.

The Handy Cooler is a mini Air conditioner that packs a bunch of power for its size.

handheld air conditioner

I was skeptical at first, but it does output cold air comparable to a window air conditioner in your private space!

Requires 4 AA batteries to operate, and comes with a USB cord for all-day operation and much stronger cool airflow.

battery charger energizer

It has a quiet fan and outputs the coolest breeze – just wet the sponge inside to keep the summer heat at bay. Cools down to 30F! 1 year life expectancy for the replaceable filter. Portable air conditioner/cooler notes:

  • Can plug into laptop to cool you down
  • Wet spongy cooling pad once, will provide about 5 hours of cool air
  • Also runs on 4 AA batteries
  • Comes with water bottle for 2 charges

portable air conditioner bu now button

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Torchlight 2 – A PC Game Better Than Diablo III

Torchlight 2 – A PC Game Better Than Diablo III

Torchlight 2 is one of the best games on the PC, and is what Diablo III should have been.

Choose from the Embermage, Engineer, Berserker or Outlander classes to fight monsters and save the town of Torchlight.

Torchlight 2 is equipped with online playability, a wealth of unique armor, weapons, trinkets and vivid character classes. Click below for more info!

torchlight 2 banner

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Zune: Is it the Best MP3 Player?

best mp3 player

Although not competitive with Apple’s iPod, the Zune Player is unparalleled as a portable multimedia center. For my money, it’s the best mp3 player out there when it comes to storage, crisp video and the sheer volume of options.

The Zune player comes with huge storage capacity, up the gargantuan 120 GB – that’s nearly 2,000 CDs full of music.

I still have an iPod for everyday listening, but for long trips, nothing beats the best mp3 player for the ability to take an entire collection of music along – as well as many movies.


The Zune player has up to 33 hours of continuous battery life for audio, and almost 9 hours for video. To learn more and see your options, click here.

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Voice Recorder

olympus voice recorder

This best-selling digital voice recorder on the market is made by Olympus.

The VN-702PC boasts a whopping 823 hours – that’s over a month – of voice-recording time on the included memory. Battery life is 86 hours non-stop.

There’s an expansion slot for even more memory, as well as a USB cable for extracting your audio files to and from a computer. Excellent sound quality – really pristine. button

Use the Olympus Voice Recorder for office work, classroom lectures, and the advanced noise reduction allows crisp field recordings.

Works with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and Mac OSX 10.4 and higher.

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Best Hard Drive – WD My Passport

hard drive

The WD My Passport is a best-selling external hard drive for all your digital storage needs. This trusted external HD is available in many different storage sizes, from 500 GB, 750 GB, 1 TB and even 2TB.

hard drive

As one of the best hard drives around, the WD Passport even has Cloud Backup available to ensure that your family photos, movies, music and documents are never lost or corrupted.

family pic

With the 2TB hard drive version, you can store almost 3,000 movies, hundreds-of-thousands of HD resolution pictures and more.

Take it with you on the go – this hard drive is extremely portable and reliable.

Choose from matte black, a sharp and metallic blue, red or carbon silver.

black shop now

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Quality Invicta Watches Collection for Men and Women

invicta quality watches

Invicta watches are renowned for their high quality and affordable expense.

From the highly functional Pro Diver style:

mens subaqua pro diver

Mens Invicta Pro Diver

And elegant Invicta Reserve ensemble, to the outstanding Bolt Collection, these watches are available to both women and men who value craftsmanship and a trusted reputation.

invicta watches venom

invicta watches collection

The Invicta Bolt Collection features sturdy, highly-detailed watches for men looking to make a statement with their timepiece.

Consider also the very sharp and eventful Invicta Venom Collection:

invicta reserve venom collection

The Magnificent Invicta Venom Collection

Silvers, blacks and gold feature prominently in the Bolt ensemble, with splashes of deep primary colors like red and sapphire blue.

zeus with lightning bolt

They’re irresistibly attractive, and the Invicta Bolt Zeus is aptly named as the King.

Former NFL superstar Jason Taylor is the spokesman for Invicta Watches, and has an exclusive line of timepieces that bears the namesake of their partnership.

invicta venom chronograph watch

Click below to see the Invicta Jason Taylor Limited Edition piece with quartz chronograph movements.

jason taylor invicta mens

It boasts water resistance down to a thousand meters – that’s ten football fields!

jason taylor invicta watches

cool and sophisticated

Check out the Invicta Store for more watch selections for men and women – click below:

gold buy now

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Pampers Diapers

baby in pampers diapersPampers Swaddlers Diapers treat your little loved one’s bottom with more comfort than ever. Fits just about any baby – from Sizes 1-5.

Soft and comfortable, this economy pack of diapers eliminates accidents and gives your baby half-a-day of protection.

Now you can both sleep through the night!

pampers green logo

Many varieties of Pampers diapers

There’s a reason these are the best-selling diapers bought most frequently by hospitals and consumers. In fact, the more you buy, the more you save with the Pampers Reward Points program.


Pampers Wipes are gentle and effective, and right up there with the diapers as the most used baby product in hospitals. They are a wonderful alternative to paper towels and rough wipes.

baby in pampers in background

Wipes – cleanliness is next to godliness…

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Samsung Galaxy Tabs – Pro 12.2 and more…

largest samsung galaxy tab

Samsung Galaxy Tab 12.2 Pro

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 is easily the top-of-the-line when it comes to tablet devices.

Huge and powerful, the Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 has a 2560×1600 , 12.2-inch display and a huge 3 GB of RAM.

samsung galaxy pro case

Of course, there are other Samsung Galaxy Tabs selections to fit your lifestyle and size…the 7 inch, 8 inch, 10.1 incher and the Galaxy Tab 12.2 and Pro versions.



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Gold Coins – Buy Gold and Sell Gold Here

gold coins heapBuy gold coins here as well as gold jewelry from reputable dealers. You can even sell gold that you find around the house – it’s often worth much more than you think!

Sell gold jewelry that has broken locks and chinks – it’s all worth the same to a dealer that buys gold, since it will all be melted down anyway.  Put some cash in your pocket!

gold buy now

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Superman Action Figures of the Man of Steel

Superman Action Figures of the Man of Steel

Superman action figures for the casual and true fan of the Man of Steel.

Choose from highly-detailed, custom Superman toys, as well as collector-grade. The flying Kryptonian could look majestic on your desktop or mantel.

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  1. Samskeyta: Hi there - great Superman action figure I would like one of my own.

Samsung Google Nexus 10 Android Tablet

Samsung Google Nexus 10 Android Tablet

The Google Nexus 10 Tablet is the premier visual tab in its size class.

The super high-resolution screen practically glows, and the whole device hums with the power of its 1.7 GHz Cortex dual-core processor and 2GB RAM.

google nexus tablet android

The operating system is Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.  This Samsung Nexus Tablet sports a riveting 2560 x 1600 (HD+) display.

The Google Nexus has several tablet sizes and smartphones to suit the wide variety of consumer’s desires – see which one suits your needs by clicking the “check price” button.

google nexus buy now

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Samsung, Toshiba, Acer Chromebooks

toshibas chromebook

Toshiba Chromebook

Introducing the Samsung Chromebook, the 11.6 inch version. It boasts an adequate 2 GB RAM, 16GB  SSD and a blazing fast USB 3.0 port, along with a single USB 2.0 port.

There are actually several versions of this Google Chrome browser-centered OS, with different levels of portability – but similar abilities. Toshiba has the largest Chromebook at 13.3 inches.

Chromebooks are excellent for their lightning-fast start-up capabilities, allowing you to surf the web quickly, and save all you want to your free Google Drive cloud account.

learn more arrow

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Optimus Prime Transformers Action Figure

Optimus Prime Transformers Action Figure

Optimus Prime is head of the Autobot Transformers, and his majestic action figures capture all his power and leadership.

Choose from this collection of his best poses and most awe-inspiring figures. High-quality, top-of-the-line realistic Transformers toys of Autobots and Decepticons available – check them out!


We also have the very special Optimus Prime and Jetfire alt-mode Transformers toys – click below to see the amazing detail and variety.

optimus prime jetfire

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Halo PC Games

halo image

Halo PC is one of the best games of the modern era, and serves as the flagship of Microsoft’s Xbox console.

Halo has always been characterized by outstanding gameplay and premier  AI.

Basically, the enemies are smart.


Try Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2 for the Windows OS. Or, get a much wider range on the Xbox system – click below to learn more.



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