Gold Hoop Earrings – 24k, 14k, 10k, Yellow Gold and More

beyonce wearing gold hoop earrings

When it comes to gold hoop earrings for women, there’s just something about the effect the geometry has on a woman’s face.

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They enhance her natural beauty and focus attention on the eyes, nose and lips.

From the rich 24k gold hoop earrings, to the sturdier 14k and 10k and yellow gold-plated varieties, there’s something for every budget.

gold bamboo hoop earrings

Choose from many different circular diameters, from less than half-an-inch to 2 full inches (big!).

2 inch diameter gold hoops

2-inch gold hoops

Click below for a view of the many kinds of hoop earrings available.

big gold hoop earrings

large hoop earrings

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