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4 Universal Signs on How to Read Women


Sometimes it seems like women are collectively a real-life Da Vinci Code – which means the task is on you, the man, to figure out the meaning behind so many of their actions. While it’s certainly true that no two women are alike, it’s also true that they can be equally difficult to understand.

Never fear, however – just because you have a hard time understanding her, doesn’t mean you’re stupid. She’s just complex. Well, sometimes, at least. Every man can attest to having been stumped at some time or another by a woman’s gestures:

– Does she like you, or does she smile with her eyes at everyone?
– When she twirls her hair, is that a cue to ask for her number, or just a nervous tick?
– What does she mean by “I feel so close to you?”

It takes a bit of experience to learn to read between the lines, especially when your own emotion is involved. Every gal is different, but these next few dating tips can serve as a roadmap to the minds of most of them.

1. Sooo…Do You Date Often?

black-couple-happy-dating oftenChances are, she’s just trying to find out if you have a girlfriend or are seeing someone else right now.

Generally speaking, it’s rare that a man who is of dating age has absolutely no female interests at a particular moment, so this is her way of finding out just how seriously you’re taking whatever random girl you might have gone out on a date with last week.

Women would rather not come right out and ask if you have a girlfriend – but of course there are exceptions. Take the bait – assuming you’re interested in her – and tell her “no, not really.” Also, make a mental note to stop seeing your more-or-less casual “friend” at some point in the very near future.

2.We Know Each Other So Well…

man and woman smiling dating tipsHave you learned nothing?!? Of course this isn’t what she means – take a deep breath; this girl may be trying to tell you how she serious she is about this relationship. She feels very close to you, and for women, that means much more than ‘just’ sex.

She’s staking her claim on you; it’s a statement of separation just as much as it’s a statement of attraction – she’s distancing any other potential women from this exclusive thing the two of you have going on.

Frankly; it’s not far off from her simply telling you that she loves you – but that’s just as scary a word for her as it may be for you.
Ball’s in your court, champ.

3.You’re My Most Valuable Friend

friend zoned pinstor.us

Friend Zone Super-Saiyan

This one has many variations, but there’s something they all have in common: they give you a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach if you really like her in a romantic sense.

It, basically, means she isn’t very interested in you romantically. On further thought, she may not even be terribly interested in being your friend, either, but this is a soft way of letting you down.

It gets trickier if she actually agrees to go out with you once or twice. If, after these dates, every time you try and get another one, she talks about how busy her job is, or how much school-work she has, read between the lines.

There’s simply no romantic chemistry there. Ignore anyone who tells you “well, she really might be too busy.” Nonsense; just like you find time for the things you really like to do, she would make sure to schedule a date with you if she was really interested.

Also, beware the “I’m not ready for a relationship right now.” complaint – it’s never true. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you otherwise; if she’s interested in you, it won’t even matter if the ink hasn’t yet dried on the divorce papers – she’ll be sure to keep in touch with you if her interest is reciprocated.

And remember this crucial dating tip: women outnumber men on the planet. By far. So pick up your sorry hat, dust it off and get back in the game.

4.Wow – You’re Such a Great Uncle

black-couple-dating pinstorusThis is another one with quite a few variations. Basically, she’s remarking on how good you are with kids – and unless you’re a complete dolt (or skipped to this section), you know what that probably means.

The idea of having children with you is comfortably within the ballpark, and is her way of gauging your responses without just coming right out and telling you she wants to make babies with you.

What are you to do at this point? Actually, nothing is required of you at the moment. If you aren’t at all contemplating children with her, it’s a good idea to start extracting yourself from the relationship – or, at the very least, not getting any deeper. It’s up to you now.

At the end of the day, these dating tips notwithstanding, sometimes you just have to go for it. Come hell or high water, you’re built for possible rejection, and a roll of the dice is the only way to score a double. Remember; you ARE a man after all – hear you roar!

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