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Best Cruise Lines: The 7 Best Cruise Ships for Your Next Vacation

best cruise lines

The Cruise Trips Experience

If you’re going on a cruise and can afford it, you might as well travel in the utmost style – and we’ve created this best cruise lines blurb just for you.

This entails securing one of the top cruise ship cabins, because they often come with amenities not available to the state room guests.

The first thing you’ll probably notice about these upper-tier cabins is just how visually-impressive they are. The styles are geared toward maximizing the space on what, essentially, is a mobile island, and most of them practically shimmer and exude cleanliness and elegance.

In all of the chosen cruise ship cabins, there’s definitely a WOW! factor involved. Without further ado, here are the top 7 mainstream ship cabins in one happy traveler’s experience

The Sea Cloud – Cruise Ship Cabin Reviews

sea cloud ship

1. The Sea Cloud’s Cabins

cruise ship cabin sea cloudThe Sea Cloud’s two flagship cabins, Lady Marjorie’s and Sir Edward’s, are as close as you can get to an authentic 17th-century cabin atmosphere.

Although they are somewhat smaller than most modern cabins, at 410 and 363 square feet, respectively, antique furniture and elegant atmosphere are more than enough to make up for lost space.

Both cabins include a luxurious Louis XIV styled bed and feature traditional brass-rimmed portholes near sea level.

Held to the original design of Lady Marjorie, cabin one is brightly decorated with ornate molded ceilings and accents of gold.

Sir Edward’s cabin on this best cruise lines has a more masculine touch, with wood-paneled walls, exposed ceiling beams and darker antique furniture.

Both cabins offer similarly sized, lush bathrooms with white marble baths. Walking into the cabins is like being transported into a royal yacht from centuries ago.

There is a tradition of opening the rooms to other guests on the Sea Cloud so that they can experience the brilliance of the vintage cabins.

If you’re old enough to remember the good old days, then the style might give rise to feelings of nostalgia. Times sure have changed with the very modern appointments of most cruise ships, but the Sea Cloud does a great job of carving its own vintage niche.

sea cloud cabin deck

2. Seven Seas Voyager

seven seas voyager regent library

sea cruise regent showerThe Grand Suites aboard the Seven Seas Voyager are the largest and most extravagant cruise ship cabins on board.

The floor-to-ceiling windows provide a spectacular view out onto the sea, which you can enjoy from a window-side soaking bath; this is definitely one of the best cruise lines out there.

Four Grand Suites are available, all of which include a separate bedroom, guest bathrooms and master bathrooms with a bath and shower. The 126-foot balcony acts as a spacious private deck for relaxing in good weather.

Though smaller than the 1,403-square-foot Master Suites, the Grand Suites offer a similar stately atmosphere with a cream colored interior and dark hardwood accents.

Norwegian Cruise Line: The Majestic Norwegian Dawn Cruise Ship

Norwegian cruise line ship dawn

3. Norwegian Dawn’s Extravagant Garden Villas

norwegian dawn cruise shipShort of buying your own yacht, it’s impossible to find a larger suite than the Garden Villas.

At a minimum of 3,355 square feet and up to 6,694 square feet, these cruise ship cabins are at the top of their class.

There are two Villas per ship, which each have room for eight occupants and have a modern minimalist interior design.

The Garden Villa suite can be found large cruise ships such as the Norwegian Dawn, and offer the best view on board with a panoramic ocean view on one side and a view of the ship deck on the other.

Situated at the top of the ship, the Villas boast private outdoor gardens with lounge chairs, private sunbathing decks, whirlpools and steam rooms. These suites are equipped with full kitchens and are perfect for a large family who wants to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime cruise vacation!

4. The Penthouse Verandah Cabin Suites

penthouse verandah cabin cruise

verandah cabin The Penthouse Verandah Suites are elaborate mid-ship suites covering about 1,000 square feet.

The suites have separate sleeping and living areas, including a wood-lined, 318-square-foot balcony with a built-in hot tub.

Featuring a modern and bright interior, the rooms are decorated with original artwork and dark hardwood paneling.

The huge bathrooms are decorated with elegant marble lining and are complemented with adjacent powder rooms.

Included in the suite is a butler’s pantry and microwave, full-sized refrigerator and a large dining table for eight. While not the largest of modern cruise ship cabins, these suites are some of the most tastefully designed cruise ship cabins available.


Royal Princess Cruise Ship

royal princess cruise ship

Princess Cruise Ships

royal princess deckSituated near the stern of the ship, the Grand Suites on the three Princess Cruises ships are a hideaway for passengers looking for an exclusive private accommodation, as there is only one Grand Suite on each ship.

There’s plenty of room at 1,329 square feet, and a gigantic balcony at the rear of the ship provides an astounding ocean view.

The interior of the Grand Suite is a mix of modern amenities and some traditional luxuries such as woven tapestries and plush bedding.

The interior dining area seats six and the balcony has a table for four, making this an appropriate suite for a medium-sized party.

Also provided in the suite is a personal computer and two flat screen televisions in the living accommodations.

the lovely princess cruise ship

6. The SeaDream of Dreams Yacht Experience

sea dream princess ship

cabin on sea dream yachtStaying in the Owner’s Suite aboard the Seadream is a true yacht-owner experience.

Decorated with the typical blue-white boating color combination, it’s the quintessential cabin for boating enthusiasts.

The interior design is less elegant and modern than other luxury cabins, and the 447-square-foot layout is certainly not the biggest.

However, passengers can expect true top-notch service from the experienced crew of the Seadream.

Included in the suite is a master bedroom, a bathroom with a separate shower and soaking tub that boasts a view over the water, a plush living room area and a dining room suitable for four.

While most cruise ship cabins attempt to mirror interiors of luxury apartments, the designers on the Seadream made a clear effort to design a cabin for those looking to have a true sea-faring trip.

7. The Silver Spirit Cruise Ship

silver spirit cruise ship line

silver spirit pool areaThe one-bedroom Owner’s Suite on the Silver Spirit is a 1,292-square-foot suite with a modern European interior.

The wooden furniture and paneling is painted white, giving the cabin a bright and brand-new feel.

The decoration isn’t the only modern aspect, either: the suite boasts a hi-fi stereo system, a flat screen television and free internet access as well.

The bedroom is heavenly comfortable with a queen-sized bed and nine pillows to choose from. Enjoy the ultimate luxury of having a personal butler, who will provide first-rate service during your stay.

The Owner’s Suite also features a marble bathroom with whirlpool and an adjacent powder room. Of course, this luxury suite also includes a 190-square-foot balcony, complete with hardwood paneling.


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