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Transformers 3: New Transformers in DOTM

sentinel prime

New Transformers – Sentinel Prime

It’s unclear why Megatron feels he needs the Autobot Matrix of Power, since he keeps killing the guys who have it.

Sentinel Prime was a mostly mighty Autobot, who directly preceded the great Optimus Prime as a leader of the good Transformers. He met Megatron in a mano-a-mano, and was felled by the large Decepticon.

In the comics, as he lay dying, he passed the Matrix on to Optimus. Similar to Mirage, Sentinel Prime had an electric disruptor that could project images of himself all over the battlefield.

Hell, we can do that on Earth.

This new transformers weapons were a force-field-breaking shield, shoulder ion-cannons, and an Energon battle lance. He will bring these formidable accessories to bear in Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon.

In Dark of the Moon, it would turn out that Sentinel Prime was responsible for what is quite possibly the greatest betrayal ever: he forsook the Autobot cause and turned to the Decepticon dark-side. Sentinel planned to take over the Earth and use it to restore Cybertron.

The strength of his resolve? He killed the mighty Ironhide, Optimus Prime’s oldest friend and the Autobot weapons specialist and battle tactician. There’s a special place in robot hell for him, and Optimus made sure he got there speedily.

Silverbolt Transformer

silverboltIn the Transformers cartoon, the Autobot Silverbolt was the definition of a conundrum: an Aerialbot (group of Autobots specifically designated by Optimus Prime to better fight Decepticons in their airborne realm) who was afraid of heights.


Transforming into a concorde jet in the old Transformers series, Silver bolt’s alt-mode is rumored to be none other than the Space Shuttle Discovery, itself, in Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon.

Considering that this technological marvel only ever flies in space, it’s pretty obvious that Silver bolt’s silly fear-of-heights is being scrapped for the movies.

Ferrari Transformers

A smoking red Ferrari 458 Italia was reportedly seen on the downtown Chicago set of Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon.

Although no announcements have been made as of March which Transformer with this alt-mode will be used in the film, speculation runs high, and has produced 5 Autobots from the original stories that just might fit the mold. And here, in no particular order, is a quick run-down of the likely candidates:



mirage transformersThe unwilling, but superior fighter, Mirage transformer was used to a life of luxury on Cybertron, far-removed from the planet-wide conflict between Autobots and Decepticons. A bit of a draft-dodger, apparently.

Not so unlike the rich on Earth, it would seem.

Rumors abound that Mirage transformer may appear in Transformers 3:Dark of the Moon, as a souped-up Italian Ferrari. With the accent and all. He has weapons to spare, and the electrical ability to alter his appearance, and even make himself invisible. A useful ability for one who doesn’t wish to fight.

Cliffjumper Transformer

cliffjumper pinstor.usIn terms of resolve and valiance, Cliffjumper transformer is everything Mirage is not. A champion of truth, he loathes Decepticons, and is unwilling to compromise with evil in any way.

He has much firepower to support this unwavering point-of-view, and often wields cannons bigger than himself.

You know that unearthly metal all Transformers seem to be made of,which seems able to withstand impacts from orbit, and all manner of non-fusion-cannon damage?

Well, Cliffjumper transformer has a gun that makes that metal as resilient as glass. Seems to me the only backup weapon he needs after using this gun is a hammer.

Red Alert Transformer

red alert transformersThe Security Director of the Autobots, Red Alert Transformers has been played by both a man and a woman in the Transformers comics and cartoon.

In Transformers 3:Dark of the Moon, he is expected to play all-male, due to the difficulties in explaining gender differences tactfully – especially amongst robots that don’t appear to procreate.

In the cartoon movie, Red Alert transformer was killed in a battle with Devastator (you’ve got to expect an outcome like that when fighting something called ‘Devastator’), but apparently, he or someone like him is joining the ranks of Optimus Prime and Megatron as death-defiers.

His Lamborghini alt-mode may be well-suited to the intended Ferrari 458 Italia spied on the Chicago Transformers 3 set.


Windcharger Transformer


windcharger transformerAn original stealth-bot, Wincharger transformers power was all about magnetism. He could create magnetic fields and use them to pick up, drop, and rip apart metals. One can see how useful these powers could be when dealing with metallic robots.

He often has need of this power, as he is one of the very fastest of the ground-bound Autobots – second only to Blurr, and can stop just as quickly as he explosively starts.

Had the Transformers known any physics, he could have been a veritable fusion reactor, all by himself. Alas, they didn’t; and so, he wasn’t.

Might have saved him from Starscreams wrath in the Transformers cartoon movie. He may, however, very well be the Ferrari Italia seen on the Chicago set of Dark of the Moon.

Blurr Transformer

blurr transformersA speed-demon in every sense of the word, Blurr was the very fastest Transformer in the animated series, and is the likeliest new transformer candidate to be the Ferrari Italia seen on the set of Transformers 3:Dark of the Moon.

His sports-car alt-mode beats to blazes any commercial jet, and Optimus Prime and the Autobots use this to full effect by naming Blurr transformer as their messenger; Hermes to Optimus’ Zeus.

Hopefully he’s learned to shutup in Dark of the Moon, if indeed he is in it, as he was more talkative than even the ill-advised Skids and Mudflap of Revenge of the Fallen in the cartoon.



New Transformers – The Wreckers

the wreckers transformers

No more Mr. Nice Guys.


the wreckers dark of the moonThe Wreckers are to the Autobots as Delta-Force is to the United States Armed Forces – hey wait; does this mean we have un-Armed Forces? Never thought of that before.

As the elite commando unit of the Good Transformers, they function as a surgical strike team, for which their immense speed, coupled with no-holds-barred-armament, is perfectly designed.

A starting lineup with no bench players, the Wreckers individual Transformers are….



leadfoot new transformersOriginally a Decepticon loyal to Megatron, the fiercely loyal (well, apparently not, right?) Leadfoot took a page out Jetfire’s book and switched sides to the Autobot clan.

It would seem that Decepticon rules tend to wear on the sane.

With an alt-mode of a Juan Pablo Montoya NASCAR Chevrolet Impala, Leadfoot doesn’t appear to be aptly-named, as this Autobot Transformers’ specialty is flat-out-speed.

Combining this with his quantum-phase-alternating armor (or whatever it is that super-advanced robots use to deflect sensors, he becomes pretty much a silent bullet sneaking behind enemy lines, and unleashing his ample weaponry once he’s right inside their house.

And, he does it not with an assortment of laser-weapons, but with good old-fashioned lead, that leaves good old-fashioned holes in stuff. Ah, now we see; Leadfoot.


roadbuster the wreckers alt-modeTrigger-happy. But unfortunately for Decepticons, this attribute of Roadbuster Transformers is highly-selective: his finger only gets itchy when they’re lurking around.

A fierce and brazen leader in battle, Roadbuster has no equal when it comes to war-time exuberance.

He will hunt Decepticons down to the last bot, even as they’re fleeing from the field. Which is understandable, as he doesn’t do so well in times of peace, always preferring – strongly – to shoot bad guys.

He may very well be the first robot case of Attention Deficit Disorder, as he just can’t seem to focus when there isn’t a war going on. His alt-mode is that of the appropriately relentless Dale Earnhardt Green Amp Energy 88 racing car. He only uses his immense speed to get to a fight; never, to leave one.


Topspin transformers wreckers50 caliber. That’s the kind of gun that chews up small tanks and spits them out. Topspin carries one. Is there anything more that really needs to be said about this offensive juggernaut?

A Jimmie Johnson NASCAR Lowe’s and Kobalt 48 racing car, he is probably the most heavily-armed of the elite Wrecking-Crew. Not to brag, but he also sports a flamethrower up close – assuming any enemy can get that close.

Suffice it to say that he really likes to mix it up, though he’s not as much of an all-out battle-nut like his brethren, Roadbuster, he doesn’t mind battle scars, and thinks they build character.

I can’t imagine why any Decepticon would be on bad-enough behavior to warrant a visit by these Autobots.



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