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Transformers 2007 Movie Summary

megan fox transformers 2007

transformers 2007Transformers live-action film of the year 2007 was the most welcome blockbuster of that year, as its eventual box-office take-over would attest.

The modern take on the 1980s cartoon favorite (which actually began as media-promotion for company Hasbro’s Transformers toy-line) was directed by Michael Bay, who was also at the helm of other big-budget movies such as 1996’s The Rock, starring Sean Connery and Nicolas Cage.

Transformers opens with the sage and gravelly voice of Autobot Leader Optimus Prime – who won’t actually be seen for some time in the movie – telling the story of the Cube (also known as the All-Spark), which is the Transformers-equivalent of the Holy Grail.

The ultimate amalgamation of machine and biology, this single object of immense power is completely responsible for the Transformers’ existence.

Indeed, it built their home-world of Cybertron from scratch, and subsequently populated it with life in the form of gigantic biological robots.

Predictably, after a time of peace and harmony, some of the Transformers would begin to covet the power of the Cube and desire to singularly possess it; the War for Cybertron inevitably followed this unerring desire.

Cybertron was quickly ravaged under the onslaught of the mighty robot warriors, as two great leaders rose from either side to lead them.

For the side of the good Transformers (the Autobots) rose a descendant of the mighty line of the Primes, Optimus. From the other nefarious side (the Decepticons) rose his brother, Megatron.

A series of wartime events led the Cube to be flung into the far reaches of space.

The planet Cybertron, without its limitless source of power, began to die under the ceaseless onslaught of its inhabitant factions.

megatron squares up to optimus prime

…should’ve brought nail clippers…

The Transformers both Autobots and Decepticons, fled after it into the deep recesses of space, seeking to reclaim this awesome ark of power and rebuild their home…

The scene shifts to Earth, the third planet from the Sun in the Solar System, and the planet is about to get one heck of an alien robot surprise.

Here we are first introduced to the grunts; in particular, Captain Lennox (played by Transformers actor Josh Duhamel) and Sergeant Mike Epps (played by actor/singer Tyrese Gibson) – we will be seeing more of them, in all the films to come in the Transformers franchise.

They appear to be returning to base from an excursion, and have no idea what’s in store for them as an unidentified search-and-rescue helicopter slowly approaches base, unheeding any and all directions and threats of use of deadly force for noncompliance. The bird ignores and tension grows.

Strangely enough, the escorting raptors that intercepted the helicopter didn’t shoot it down, and it makes it to the SOCCENT airbase and lands.

blackout transformers

A battalion unto himself – Blackout Transformer

The audience is treated to a most spectacular visual scene, as the helicopter transforms into the Decepticon Blackout, and unleashes a phalanx of unearthly steel and energy at the gathered military.

One weapon, a blue-tinged shockwave, sends a spherical burst that obliterates much of the surrounding terrain to twisted steel and flying bodies.

The assault has begun, and the base is under siege.

Soldiers alternately scampered and returned fire, as hemispherical blasts of blue shockwave-energy emanated from the Decepticon Blackout’s huge cannons; it quickly became clear that this wasn’t a random act of alien violence; Blackout was after the core of military intelligence.

It hard-tacks into the mainframe and starts downloading top-secret files, even as it sends tanks flying through the air with the numerous weaponry it lays claim to.

The general in charge of the SOCCENT forward-operations base in Qatar succeeds in breaking the hard-line before the Blackout can fully download what it needs from the military mainframe.

blackout transformer attacks SOCCENT

Resistance is futile…usually

This suggests that this will not be the final effort from the evil Transformers.

Just before the devastating scene fades away, we see yet another Transformer eject from Blackout’s backpack, and burrow into the sand with the kind of claws that only a Decepticon would have.

The human star of the show – indeed; of the entire Transformers three-movie series – is introduced to us first in his 11th-grade classroom, telling us a bit about the history of his explorer grandfather.

Sam Witwicky (played by actor Shia Labeouf) informs us that his great-grandfather was an Arctic explorer who discovered something that the Intelligence Community believed, but the rest of the academic community termed unbelievable – an alien Iceman, stuck in a deep-freeze in the Arctic ice. We will later learn not only that this “Iceman” is Megatron, but also why and how he got there.

In a planned turn of movie events, Sam’s father Ron Witwicky (played by actor Kevin Dunn) takes him car-shopping, as a gift for school performance.

transformers 2007 bernie mac actor

Bernie Mac – King of Comedy. R.I.P 1957-2008

The eccentric “Uncle Bobby B for Bolivia” (played by the dearly-departed King of Comedy, Bernie Mac) tries to sell Sam and his father a yellow Beetle – in homage to the original Bumblebee’s car alt-mode from the 1980s – but has his plans to do so continually interrupted by a strange yellow Camaro that causes all manner of disruptions at the car dealership.

Not surprisingly, the striped-yellow Camaro with the Autobot insignia proudly and unmistakingly displayed on the steering wheel gets purchased.

A gathering of the nation’s top Intelligence experts is quickly convened in Washington DC, as the Secretary of Defense – played by actor Jon Voight – relays the severity of the threat and concerns that it was only an initial incursion.

There appears to have been no survivors who have gotten back into contact with Headquarters, so the brass is completely unaware that the human race is under assault by alien invaders.

In fact, the lone group of surviving soldiers from the SOCCENT base, who were able to escape the devastation and trek into the Qatari desert, replays the incident and realize it was a super-weapons system, but don’t yet understand that it was alien.

Sergeant Epps, Captain Lennox, and a group of soldiers under their command notice that Blackout Transformers had an invisible force-field around it, protecting it from the return fire it experienced back at the ravaged SOCCENT base.

They will soon know that the encounter isn’t yet over, as the burrowing Decepticon that Blackout released into the ground, Scorponok, is heading towards them to cut them off and keep them from alerting the most powerful military in the world as to the details of what happened at the Qatari airbase.

transformers 2007 megan fox pic

Megan Fox – Transformers 2007

Cut scene to a moment of levity, important to the rest of the Transformers film: Sam and Mikaela’s (actress Megan Fox, and the heroine of the film) first meeting.

He gives her a ride home in his new striped Camaro (or rather, newly-purchased striped Camaro), and the chemistry between them is immediately apparent.

As the nation’s top SIGINT (Signals Intelligence) guys and gals pore over the data compromised of Blackout’s alien screams, they slowly start to realize that it is simply too advanced too be from anything they can of on Earth.

Meanwhile, the Decepticon Frenzy has infiltrated Air Force One in the alt-mode of a boom-box, and is preparing to siphon the remainder of the military intelligence codes that Blackout failed to secure in his earlier assault on the SOCCENT airbase in Qatar.

SIGINT (singals intelligence, in military parlance) is able to pinpoint the location of the super-human hacker, and alerts Air Force One that have an intruder on board, right before shutting down the system to prevent further compromise.

Too late; as Frenzy has enough of what it needs: the clue to finding the AllSpark lies in finding Sam Witwicky. The Decepticon Barricade arrives in his camouflaged alt-mode of a police car after Air Force One is forced to land, and they make their way to Sam’s suburban abode.

Back at Sam’s house, Bumblebee Transformer suspects something is wrong, and takes off from Sam’s house in the middle of the night; Sam awakens and chases his car, unaware that it is an Autobot on autopilot!

He hops on his bike and catches up to his apparently independent-minded Camaro, only to behold a scene his wildest dreams couldn’t have predicted: Bumblebee transforms into full robot form.

Amazed, Sam watches as the yellow Cybertronian warrior unleashes a magnificent, chest-mounted beacon skyward, alerting who-knows-what, with a bright Autobot insignia framed against the cloud-tops, and leaking into the space beyond.

scorponok transformers

Technically it’s just an earthworm…

Returning to the Qatari desert, we see that Captain Lennox and Sergeant Epps’ merry band of military survivors are under attack by the sand-burrowing Decepticon Scorponok, who promptly kills one of their numbers and causes the rest to flee to the relative safety of a nearby Qatari town.

A frantic search for a phone results in Epps successfully calling in several of the deadly Predators drones in, for a rendezvous with Scorponok.

Furthermore, Captain Lennox’s Special Ops team is able secure a call to the rest of the cavalry, and the brass sends in several other large fighter jets to the Middle-Eastern desert.

Despite the bevy of spit-fire, high-caliber weaponry from above, Scorponok proved as resilient as any Transformer, as they will soon come to know.

Finally, a call to the Air Force to employ the heat-intensive Sable-rounds fells the sand-burrower, and Scorponok is broken enough to have to retreat, leaving a piece of its tail behind.

bumblebee transformers

Impressive? Well, he’s one of the smaller Transformers…

Bumblebee returns to Sam’s house in the morning; as soon as Sam becomes aware of his car’s presence, he takes off, still spooked by what he’d seen the night before.

Unbeknownst to Sam, even as Bumblebee follows him speeding down the street on his bicycle, there is another, seemingly insidious car tailing them both; it is a police car with the words “To Punish and Enslave” emblazoned on its side.

All is not as it seems…Mikaela, who was sitting outside at a nearby park, spies the frantically-hurrying Sam, and gets on her moped to see what’s up with her new friend.

Sam, meanwhile, has been caught by the police car (Bumblebee is nowhere to be seen anymore), which shockingly transforms into the Decepticon Barricade, and pins him, demanding the answer to a very important question:

“Where are the glasses of your great-grandfather, the Arctic Explorer Archibald Witwicky?”

Well, since you asked nicely…

Sam escapes Barricade’s clutches and runs into Mikaela just as she is rounding the corner, and tackles her off the moped, as she would otherwise be heading straight into Barricade’s clutches.

Just as the Decepticon is upon them both, Bumblebee the Camaro comes careening out of the street and slams right into Barricade.

As a result, he almost rushed headlong into Sam and Mikaela, urging them to get in the Camaro.

A hair-raising car-chase scene later (consisting of the admittedly unfamiliar situation of one car chasing another car, with the inhabitants having no say-so!), Bumblebee Camaro leads the furious Barricade into an abandoned lot.

bumblebee transformer and barricade

Overhand right coming!

Then, Bee quickly ejects Sam and Mikaela out and draws himself into his full, Battle-Ops alt-mode form, solar accelerator-cannons blazing as he readied for battle.

The fight between Barricade and Bee is furious; and, while Bumblebee Transformer attends to the bigger Decepticon, Barricade quickly unleashes Frenzy, who chases Sam and Mikaela; Mikaela succeeds in disabling it – or so they think.

The broken little Decepticon is very hard to kill, however, and it drags the leftover piece of itself (Mikaela had found a motorized hacksaw to chop Frenzy in half) into her purse, transforming into a cell-phone to replace the one she normally carries.

It is worth noting that the transformation graphics in Transformers 2007 are truly flawless; even when slowed down, it really looks like the robots possess accurately-rendered niches to put their assortment of weaponry and appendages into their spatially-compacted alt-modes.

Transformers really took CGI to yet another level with this film, and would only be surpassed by the monumental Avatar two years later, as well its own sequel, Revenge of the Fallen.

transformers protoform

Alien space fireballs. Can’t make this stuff up.

After a cool Transformers 2007 movie scene in which Bumblebee ditches his beat-up Camaro alt-mode by scanning a Ford GT brand-spanking-new ride, we are treated to the exo-atmospheric speeding proto-forms of the Transformers that Bumblebee had called with his chest-mounted beacon.

These proto-forms appear nearly-indestructible, and are made specifically for the tough conditions of planetary reentry.

They all appear to be Autobots, and are essentially indistinguishable from each other in their naked robotic proto-forms, as they haven’t yet scanned any Earth-model cars for their chosen alt-modes.

We see ferocious Jazz (we only know it’s him because he is in the process of trans-scanning into his sleek Pontiac Solstice), the mighty Ironhide (Autobot weapons-specialist and battle-planner) revving up his GMC Top-kick, and of course, the Leader himself. Bumblebee escorts Sam and Mikaela to the spot where his battle-brethren are gathered, and we are treated to the most magnificent and nostalgic scene yet: the rise of the Leader, Optimus Prime.

autobot protoforms

Transformers protoform meteorite

The other Autobots unfurl their forms in turn; Ratchet, the medical technician, Ironhide, Jazz. Optimus Prime tells Sam the story of their home planet Cybertron, and how they came to bring their conflict to Earth, as well as the role he plays in all of this.

Sam’s great-grandfather, Archibald, had accidentally discovered Megatron’s frozen form in the depths of some sloping Arctic tunnel, and momentarily awakened the eradicator of Cybertron, long enough for him to shine an energy beam from his mechanical eyes and etch the coordinates to the AllSpark on the old man’s eyeglasses.

Megatron then went back to his deep Ice-sleep. The glasses were passed down to Sam, and only they hold the coordinates, as far as the gathered crew of two humans and five alien robots know, to the limitless source of energy.

They must reach it before the Decepticons do, as the former would use it to activate all the machines on the planet and overrun the Earth, extinguishing the human race.

They all trek to Sam’s house to help him search for the glasses, all the while trying to keep out of sight of his parents. Little do they know that a Beyond Top Secret faction of government intelligence, Sector 7, is already on the way, due to the hacking-discernment abilities of an uncharacteristically young crew of SIGINT experts from the DoD.

Just as a hilarious scene in which Sam’s parents discover Mikaela in his room concludes, Agent Simmons (played by the venerable actor John Turturro) appears at the Witwicky front door, with a formidable band of men-in-black. Things quickly fly out of the Witwickys’ control as radiation readings taken by the crew of government agents prove that direct contact with the alien robots has been experienced by the Witwickys, even if only Sam and Mikaela know this.

sector 7 transformers turturro

John Turturro…he’s actually even more badass in real life.

As Transformers 2007 rolls on, it looks like the jig is pretty much up, as Sector 7 can do just about anything it wants. They know about the aliens, and have known for decades; even the Secretary of Defense wasn’t privy to the information.

As they threaten Sam with essentially eternal imprisonment, they are quite definitely interrupted by the physical might of the Autobots; stopping their federal cavalcade of black Suburbans.

Optimus Prime rips the top off the Chevy Suburban holding Sam, Mikaela, Agent Simmons and driver, while Jazz uses a powerful electromagnet to relieve all the agents of their automatic weapons.

Unfortunately, while disarming the agents, the Autobots neglected to relieve one of them of his cell-phone, which he used to alert the cavalry. Hate when that happens. The place is soon abuzz with helicopters and an army of Suburbans, from which the Autobots must flee, or risk killing humans in the ensuing conflict.

The ensuing battle sees Bumblebee captured by a well-orchestrated dance of helicopters trussing the loyal Autobot up with specially-made anchors; where Optimus Prime’s unparalleled strength would’ve snapped the toughened cables, Bumblebee cannot; he is taken and frozen, with Sam and Mikaela also captured (though understandably, they weren’t frozen). The remaining Autobots, under Optimus’ orders, must fall back to avoid killing any members of Sector 7.

maggie transformers computer hacker

We need more computer hackers like her.

Back at the Department of Defense, things are almost as chaotic as the outside world, as military operators are scurrying about to deal with the sudden loss of communications, engineered almost certainly by the Decepticon faction.

The unknown head of the Advanced Research Sector 7 arm of the government makes himself known to the Secretary of Defense, informing him of the existence of Sector 7, and how it was formed in secrecy 80 years ago by then-President Hoover to deal with extraterrestrial threats or occurrences.

Sector 7, unbeknownst to all but those with the highest possible security-clearance; and, even then only on a need-to-know basis, has known there are aliens since they spotted a glimpse of a Decepticon on the planet Mars, smashing the Mars Rover Beagle sent there to explore the Red Planet.

We are informed that Sector 7 Advanced Research intercepted Decepticon communications, and learned that the evil robots are now aware that they can be harmed by human weapons (thanks to the Sable rounds that critically damaged the retreating Scorponok, humans know that intense heat can melt their molecular-robotic structures).

This is what inspired the whole-systems shutdown that the Decepticons subsequently instituted on the SECDEF base, to inhibit a coordinated military strike against their impending assault. Wouldn’t it be great if everything still worked on vacuum tubes?!?

transformers 2007

No time for sightseeing, Autobots

Long story short, the United States defense starts marshalling forces anyway, using short-wave radio to call Destroyers back to base, and anything else they think that the Decepticon electromagnetic pulse wouldn’t have wiped out.

The super-hacking team in Transformers 2007, Sam, Mikaela, Special Ops bigwigs Captain Lennox and Sergeant Epps, are transported along with the Secretary of Defense and Sector 7 Head to the secret base within the Hoover damn, where the biggest secret since the atomic bomb is held.

The Autobots, sans Bumblebee, who is being held in a semi-frozen state by Sector 7 within the compound, are already gathered and await the Decepticons, who they know won’t be far behind.

Sam Witwicky is called upon to relate all he knows about the coming threat which, not surprisingly, is even more than the Sector 7 experts. They lead the crew of Special Ops, Sam and Mikaela, and all other immediately-relevant characters into the depths of the cavernous dam, right into a room holding the surprise of all surprises: an NBE (non-biological extraterrestrial). Furthermore, unknown to Sector 7, this particular NBE is the very worst one in the known galaxy: Megatron, mercifully still frozen in stasis.

megatron in arctic ice

Should’ve kept him in the Arctic.

Somewhat annoyingly, Transformers 2007 then makes the fictional – well, of course fictional, right? – assertion that all the technological wonders of the modern age, from cell-phones to cars and microwaves, are weaned from reverse-engineering efforts after studying NBE-1, as Megatron has always been known.

The Decepticon leader has apparently been frozen for thousands of years, and was discovered by Archibald Witwicky in the 1930s, upon which it was secured by the United States Government.

Sam immediately puts his utility on full display, filling in all the gaps that military intelligence had been unable to for the past 70-80 years since Megatron’s discovery.

He is able to discern from the looks of the Sector 7 brass that they actually have the Cube, the ultimate source of power for which Megatron hunted, right in the same building with the Cybertronian nemesis!

Meanwhile, the Decepticon Frenzy, who had slipped into Mikaela’s purse by posing as her cell-phone, is aware of all that is going on; and, as soon as it learns of the AllSpark’s whereabouts, sends a transmission to his evil brethren. Starscream, Bonecrusher, Brawl, Blackout and Barricade begin making their way to the Hoover dam, for the start of what appears to be the final Transformer battle.

starscream decepticon

The mechanical sycophant.

For the first time in Transformers 2007, we see the Decepticon de facto leader Starscream, who comes careening out of subsonic air-flight like an impossibly acrobatic bat out of hell.

Landing on a walkway far above the hemispherical curve of the fortress-damn, this one-bot battalion liberally unleashes several of his hunter-seeker missiles in one brief burst, compromising the generators that power the cryogenic system imprisoning Megatron. The most powerful Decepticon since the final age of Cybertron is slowly – but surely – thawing.

As the human hope starts running out of options with the power failing due to Starscream’s topside assault, Sam and the Special Ops grunts “convince” Agent Simmons to take Sam to the still-captive Bumblebee, as the golden Autobot will know what to do with the Cube.

Bumblebee works some technological magic – an oxymoron if I’ve ever heard one – and by touch and energy-transference, causes the house-sized cube to fold into an alien briefcase, leaving the gathered in awe.

They are snapped out of it by the realization that they are no longer safe underground in the Hoover dam-shielded base; not with Megatron in the very next room thawing out of a ten-thousand-year sleep. Not to mention the coming Decepticon horde. Although I couldn’t avoid mentioning them in order to say that I wouldn’t, so….

megatron jet alt-mode form

Some alt-modes really aren’t fair…

Captain Lennox takes charge without once compromising the chain-of-command; the sign of a born under-the-radar leader. He orders everyone to get the cube and bounce, intending them all to go 20 miles away to Mission City, to make their last stand there; they can simultaneously hide the cube somewhere in the city.

And the best part? He makes the order sound like a suggestion, which is immediately ratified by his two superiors, Agent Simmons and the SECDEF, himself. All the while, light begins to gleam in Megatron’s thawing optics…

The former Dual-Lord of Cybertron is free! And the rising body count of dedicated soldiers, desperately trying to re-freeze the Decepticon Leader, serves as testament to that failing endeavor.

In a computer-animated marvel, Megatron shifts explosively to his unique alt-mode of a tank-jet hybrid and blasts out of the building, to meet the waiting Starscream. In his admonishment of his second-in-command, it is worth noting that Megatron sounds somewhat like Sean Connery – but that is neither here nor there.

What is of major importance is the imminent need for the Air Force to engage the jet-powered Decepticons, and our little tech crew of analysts, the SECDEF and Agent Simmons are busy at work trying to get a signal out of the fried electronics (thanks to Starscream’s earlier blasts) of the underground base, as Frenzy is trying to kill them all.

bonecrusher transformers

Go ahead, car-jack this

Elsewhere…as the ground-bound Decepticons follow the airborne ones to Mission City to thwart the human team of Sam, Mikaela and the Special-Ops grunts, Optimus engages the ferocious Bonecrusher in a high-stakes highway fracas.

The hate-personified Decepticon has clearly bitten off more than he can chew in engaging the former Gladiator of Iacon, and Optimus unsheathes his blazing, charged ion-sword and relieves Bonecrusher of his face.

The SIGINT, SECDEF and Agent Simmons (he, apparently, isn’t important enough to have an acronym) succeed in getting the Air-Force to dispatch a few F-22 Raptors (the baddest fighter planes ever made) to rendezvous with the Special-Ops team led by Captain Lennox and Sergeant Epps in Mission City, where they will ostensibly hold down the fort against the oncoming Decepticons – of course, with help from the Autobots. I hope the Air Force has accounted for the mighty Starscream, who pretty much rules any skies in which he flies.

autobot jazz

Should’ve sat this one out, Jazz.

The final battle for the Cube commences in Transformers 2007, with Starscream scoring first by destroying Bumblebee’s ability to walk under his own power.

The rest of the Autobots arrive to turn the tide of battle, and Ironhide unleashes an impressive (given his immense bulk) pirouette of simultaneously offensive and defensive missile blasts at the Brawl tank, biding enough time for Jazz to jump on top and rip off one of Brawl’s missile turrets.

Even the Autobot medical technician, Ratchet, joins the fray; he is the one that temporarily puts down the tough Brawl tank with a single blow to buy everyone enough time to get away.

Megatron finally arrives, and his sheer size tells you that the Autobots don’t have much of a chance against him. They wisely fall back…all except for the utterly fearless – and perhaps unwise – Jazz. Attempting to stand toe-to-toe with a Lord of Cybertron is madness, and Megatron grabs Jazz.

Taking off to a higher perch, the valiant Jazz rages and seethes defiantly, challenging the mighty ex-monarch: “You want a piece of me?!” To which Megatron replies: “No; I want two!” upon which he shockingly rips Jazz in half. Not even Ratchet could repair that kind of brutality, and so Jazz Transformer is dead.

megatron killing autobot jazz

…that was just ugly.

The Special-Ops team leader, Captain Lennox, urges Sam to get to the top of a high building with the Cube, so that he can pass it off to an F-22 Raptor en route.

Ironhide, Ratchet, and the soldiers and are poised to cover his escape (where is Optimus Prime!?? I couldn’t help but wonder this as the whole scene transpired.

Optimus is easily the best and most powerful fighter amongst the Autobots by far). Mikaela finds a tow-truck to which to attach the legless Bumblebee and remove him from the battlefield.

bumblebee armed with guns

But I ain’t got no legs, Lieutenant Dannnn….

No sooner had the thought (wondering where Optimus was) flashed through my mind for the fifth time, than the vibrant blue-and-red visage roll into the scene, transforming into full-robot form before his Peterbilt alt-mode had come to a full-stop, calling Megatron’s name to face him.

The two giant former kings rumble through the streets, destroying more coffee shops than Howard Schultz would be comfortable with.

Despite the touted increases in the number of pixels to be used in the sequels to Transformers 2007, the future movies don’t one-up some of the battle scenes in their predecessor – Starscream’s strategic mid-air transformations are simply a beauty to behold.

Shifting alternately from jet-to-robot, he evades the density of Ratchet and Ironhide’s combined bombardment, to catch up to a fleeing Sam, who has the Cube securely tucked with his arm…for the time being; as the battle appears to be rapidly slipping away from the Autobots. Mikaela and Bumblebee notice the turning tide, and reverse direction to reenter the fray – the warrior-goddess is driving, while the legless Bumblebee is shooting.

bumblebee and brawl transformers

Brawl, strangely enough, lost this fight.

The tandem of Mikaela, Bumblebee, and Special-Ops elite manage to relentlessly bombard and finally fell Brawl.

Sam has reached the pinnacle of the building with the AllSpark, but is met by Megatron crashing up through the roof of the very building on from which Sam now hangs precariously, refusing to relinquish the Cube to him.

Megatron’s unbreakable pincers lash out, bashing the concrete to smithereens and causing Sam to tumble to the street; far, far below. Transformers 2007 Optimus Prime, of course, catches him before he hits the ground, and they tumble to Earth protected by Optimus’ hard-to-harm exoskeleton, with Megatron following closely.

The two magnificent and age-old adversaries rise from the rubble, with Optimus expressing to Sam once again his willingness to sacrifice himself in order to keep Megatron from attaining the Cube: if he should fall, he instructs Sam to push the Cube into his chest, which would have the end result of destroying both. Voicing his most famous battle-cry – “One Shall Stand, and One Shall Fall” – Optimus Prime engages Megatron for the last time (well…sort-of – considering the sequels).

decepticon starscreamTrouble – rather, even more trouble – is brewing, as Megatron throws Optimus around: the Decepticon Blackout is sneaking up on Optimus from behind.

The Special Ops team sees this, and successfully engages the transforming helicopter with firepower from both sky and earth, with F-22’s barraging Blackout with seeker missiles and the ground-bound hitting him with artillery. Captain Lennox executes a four-star move, with the aid of a motorcycle, which downs Blackout decisively.

To the skies…in a cinematographic, visual masterpiece of an aerial dogfight, we are treated to a battle between Starscream and several air-superiority Raptors.

The Decepticon subordinate has a measure of early success due to his incredible agility and mid-air transformation capabilities, which allow him to transition to full-robot form and access a variety of weapons.

megatron with allspark in chest

Next time, stop toying with the human.

But the fliers of the Raptors are the best in the business and after several of their number go down, are able to learn and adapt to Starscream’s shifting modes of combat, striking him a brutal blow that forces him to land.

The remaining Raptors continue on their way to their objective: Megatron. They get there just in time to relieve a beaten-but-hardly-defeated Optimus, and release missile-after-missile into the mighty Decepticon leader, keeping him very much at bay.

Megatron is barely able to chase a fleeing Sam; but, chase him he does, for the boy has the Cube!

Optimus contributes what his beaten form still can, tripping Megatron violently, until all three are nearly face-to-face, with both great Transformers feeling the effects of the furious battle.

Optimus, sensing that it may very well be over, urgently admonishes Sam to push the Cube into his chest, in order to keep it out of Megatron’s reach, even though it will kill him. Sam understands yet another solution, and, before anyone realizes what is happening, gathers himself and pushes the Cube into Megatron’s chest instead, finally felling the most powerful Decepticon that has ever lived.

optimus ready

“One Shall Stand, And One Shall Fall.” Damn straight.

Epilogue: In an attempt to keep the Transformers’ alien presence secret, the government gathers the bodies of the fallen Decepticons and entombs them in the deepest part of the ocean, the so-called Lorentzian Abyss.

The Autobots remain hidden on Earth, with Optimus unleashing a call into space to any of their lost comrades to join them in protecting Earth.

Bumblebee, of course, opts to stay with Sam as his car, protecting the young hero from all threats.

Oh – and the boy gets the girl 😉

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