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Transformers Revenge of the Fallen 2009 Movie

transformers rotf The Fallen

Revenge of the Fallen 2009. The shy guy is the Fallen, himself.


the ancient fallen transformers

His barber would have to be Wolverine

Like a scene straight out of 10,000 BC, the most highly-anticipated movie of the year 2009 opened with primitive man on the hunt, during which he would uncover a valley of vaguely-Transformers-like machines on the prowl.

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen had landed, just two years after the mega-successful debut of the first movie.

For what; it is not yet known – but, as ion beams and blasts of unearthly flames meet mere spears and javelins, it is clear that early man has more than met his match…

Cut to the present day. Despite the noisy fracas of Transformers live-action film 2007, the Transformers are still – strangely – hidden from humanity-at-large.

Only a select-few military personnel know of their existence (which is curious given that those same guys couldn’t keep a lid on radar or the atomic bomb), and have formed a team called N.E.S.T with a new breed of advanced Autobots.

This team, of course, is led by the mighty Optimus Prime.

The classified Networked Elements: Support and Transformers strike team cavorts around the globe hunting none other than Decepticons, whose last defeat sent the survivors scurrying to different holes in different countries.

Oh how far the mighty have fallen.

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Begins!

optimus compares to demolishor

I first started as a unicycle.

In Transformers Revenge of the Fallen, we are treated to a mesmerizing scene of the Autobot weapons-specialist Ironhide.

He is seen coolly transforming from his GMC Top-kick into full robot-form in anticipation of an impending battle with the detected Decepticons.

The scene suddenly is ablaze, and an absolutely humongous Decepticon (called Demolishor) literally running amok, crushing everything beneath its massive wheels.

You wonder briefly how any of the much smaller Autobots are going to handle such a behemoth.

The first kill for the good guys goes to the Autobot Swideswipe, in self-acknowledged spectacular fashion.

transformers revenge of the fallen sideswipe

HELLO: My Name Is Swideswipe

Displaying close-quarter combat skills second only to Optimus Prime’s, this heretofore unseen Autobot uses unbreakable Cybertanium blades to simply cut an unfortunate Decepticon named Sideways (maybe he felt miffed about the name-similarity) in half!

We should aptly name this move “the Megatron” (rest in peace, Autobot Jazz).

Meanwhile, the gigantic Demolishor is running amok on the 405 freeway, and seems too much for anyone to handle, crushing cars and trucks with reckless abandon. This looks like a job for the Kal-El-equivalent of the Autobots: Optimus Prime!

The former leader of Cybertron falls from the sky in an impressive CGI scene that probably used all of the pixel-generating power of Namibia’s sole television tower, and descended on the marauding enemy robot.

Keep in mind that humans are dying at a clip akin to the Russians in WWII as Optimus and Demolishor dance.

In a badass scene probably written by Clint Eastwood, Optimus tells Demolishor to pull over, merely as a formality because he simultaneously blasts him off the beaten path.

With his last (breath?), Demolishor utters the ominous words “The Fallen shall rise again”, suggesting initially that there is some verb-noun confusion in his dying circuits.

demolishor optimus

Give me your face!

We shall later learn that no; there is indeed a being called ‘The Fallen’.

In a disturbing but consistent trend, Optimus then erases Demolishor’s face with a gun the size of Bumblebee, shooting a bullet the size of Sam Witwicky.

In the next scene, we finally see our boy hero, Sam Witwicky, involved in a hilarious scene with his parents, as the Hero of Ages prepares to go to college.

The action restarts as he is involved with his girlfriend, Mikaela, in a phone conversation about the trip away from home to school; a shard of the Allspark, or Cube, falls out of Sam’s bag as he searches for something.

Being the energy source that it is, the Allspark slips from his grasp and starts bringing shit to life, turning his entire kitchen into a bunch of tiny Decepticons. He must have got the evil piece.

soundwave transformers

Man y’all are cuttin’-up down there

Bumblebee comes transforming out of Sam’s garage, solar-accelerator guns blazing furiously.

He is seen dispatching (almost) all the Kitchen-Decepticons, thereby unveiling the secret that their presence on Earth was supposed to be.

There goes national security.

Except, apparently, it’s too early in the morning for vibrantly yellow alien robots blasting the top floor of a house off, and a squad of blaring cop cars, to wake up anybody in Sam’s neighborhood, so the secret’s still safe.

Unfortunately for our young heroes, the Decepticon Transformer Soundwave never sleeps.

The satellite is far above the earth, monitoring transmissions from the one robot Bumblebee failed to blast, who alerts Soundwave that Sam’s girl accidentally has the shard of the Cube that started the whole mess.

As can be expected, the N.E.S.T-Decepticon incursion caused a tremendous amount of collateral damage in the sovereign nation of China (Shanghai).

decepticon soundwave in space

Shhh…keep your voice down

In response, the U.S. government executes a bit of a clamp-down on N.E.S.T operations, by sending in a liaison with full access to classified info to get to the bottom of what the new threat might be.

We learn that the Autobots are on Earth by virtue of an agreement with the government to share their technology; everything but their advanced weaponry, for obvious reasons.

Despite the understandable intentions of the government wanting to know what the heck is going on, the National Security Advisor sent to act as liaison is a buffoon; in one fell swoop, he tells the monitoring Soundwave (who has broken into a military satellite to pick up communications) everything the Decepticons want to know, from the secret location of Megatron, to the secret location of the Shard, all while admonishing the gathered military intelligence on their intelligence.

We can probably assume that Autobot technology had prevented them from breaking into human computer networks with the same ease they had displayed in Transformers 2007, so hacking was out-of-the-question.

Cut to Sam going to college. Here we learn that, as suspected, complete secrecy regarding the Transformers was never going to succeed. Sam’s roommate, Leo, is a bit of a tech-savvy college kid who runs an undercover online operation that uncovers weird video of alleged alien activity covered-up by the government. Sam, of course, can’t comment (the government is paying his college tuition, among other things, for his help in keeping the Transformers’ presence quiet).

ravage transformers

Not quite sure how you prepare for this…

As the comic relief returns with Sam’s mother high on Marijuana-cookies and acting like a general buffoon on a college campus, we spy an attractive girl who comes out of nowhere and seems to key in on Sam, to the exclusion of all else.

While the fun and games are going along in Transformers Revenge of the Fallen, elsewhere, in low-Earth orbit, the satellite-Decepticon Soundwave unleashes a canister all the way to the ground, which unfurls into the panther-like Transformer called Ravage.

Ravage lands near the location where the big-mouthed National Security Advisor unknowingly told Soundwave, when he spilled the beans and the communication was picked up.

Ravage unleashes a fantastic, almost two-dimensional acolyte named Frenzy to sneak into the base and steal the Shard. Although a military strike team convenes quickly, responding to the base alert system, Ravage is a beast and they make their escape, Shard in hand.

Back to Sam, whose parents have left by now. He is at a party with his techie roommates, and runs into the strange girl who had suddenly appeared out of nowhere earlier.

alice pretender transformers

If it looks too good to be true; it probably is.

This happens while he is having a very strange episode of seeing alien symbols and drawing them on a table with cake-icing – the piece of Allspark he found in his bag has clearly done something to him; he quickly snaps out of it as the girl starts coming on to him.

To say that she is aggressive would be an understatement; as she practically throws herself at Sam, even jumping into his car when Bumblebee shows up unexpectedly, trying to warn Sam of trouble (likely, that the Shard was stolen by the Decepticons).

Bumblebee seems to suspect that something is wrong with the girl, and resorts to trying to get her out of the car, finally succeeding by spraying motor oil in her face. As we will learn later –and it’s gonna sound real harsh to say this now – but Bumblebee should have killed “her” then and there.

bumblebee revenge of the fallenBumblebee escorts Sam to a secret meeting with Optimus Prime, who voices his concerns about the theft of the spark by the Decepticons, and the fragile trust between humans and Transformers.

He needs Sam to bring the dire situation to his leaders, lest they make the ultimate mistake of asking the Autobots to leave the Earth, believing that they are the reason Decepticons keep popping up.

Sam, in a rather un-heroic turn, wants nothing to do with so grand a responsibility, stating that he just wants to be a college kid with college problems. With the characteristically brilliant words for which he is known, Optimus states:

“Sam, fate rarely calls upon us at a moment of our choosing.”

But; to no avail.

Far away, the National Security Advisors loose lips are still having repercussions, as the second secret he blithered is acted upon by a cadre of Decepticons, on their way deep into the ocean to liberate Megatron, himself. With the secret location uncovered, things just go from ‘bad to worse’, to from bad to worst.

megatron transformers

Megs reborn

The squadron of evil robots swims down faster than any man-made object and, in the looming shadow of the Decepticon Long Haul; the Doctor Decepticon orders the gathered to kill the smallest of their number in order to provide the extra mass needed to reform their departed leader.

Doc plunges the Ravage-corralled Shard into forlorn form before him, and with a burst of rarefied energy, the Lord High Protector of a Cybertron of long, long ago is revived! Mighty Megatron lives again.

Wasting no time, Megatron plunges upward through the deep ocean and into the sky, transforming into the only time we will see him in one of his fabulous alternate modes (Megatron is an extremely rare triple-changer; whereas most of the large Transformers can switch to one other mode, Megatron can switch to both a Cybertronian tank, and an interstellar starship).

Opting for the interstellar ship, the Lord Decepticon careens into the depths of space, landing on what appears to be a moon of the planet Jupiter, in a cave where the conniving Starscream awaits, his temporary rule at a resolute end.

A startling new development transpires in the caves of a moon of Jupiter, as we learn that Megatron actually serves another, even more powerful being – The Fallen that the departed Demolishor spoke of! Apparently, there was a plan all along of retaking the Earth, using an army of “hatchlings” beings spawned in weird, Energon blue-liquid eggs to maturity.

revenge of the fallen boss image

The Fallen stands up sometimes. Skillz!

The Fallen fills us in on the little we know about the history of the Transformers on Earth. Apparently, the evil robots were him and his brethren, who were ravaging humanity until they were defeated by the predecessors of Optimus – the Primes.

We also learn that the weird symbols Sam was spewing out at the frat party before the attempted molestation of him by the seductress were none other than the essence of the AllSpark, itself; unbeknownst to Sam and the rest of the Autobots, the boy hero of Earth is now the prime (ha, ha) target of the Decepticons.

After a hilarious scene of a mental-breakdown-equivalent in his physics class, in which Sam’s mind is usurped by the Allspark’s influence again, and he reads a 900 page physics text in 30 seconds (no easy feat I tell ya) and is kicked out of class for trying to “prove Einstein was wrong” (impossible; incomplete, maybe – but definitely not wrong, given the very real advancements made because of his Relativity theories).

He calls Mikaela back home and we learn that there is yet another piece of the Allspark on her person, unbeknownst to her. Also unbeknownst to her, the lone RC Decepticon that Bumblebee missed has been tailing her, looking for an opportunity to obtain Shard. She manages to stop and contain the inept evil-doer.

optimus prime firing his gun

Now that’s a bullet.

After a short and exhilarating excursion to the Autobots rolling to respond to the now-uncovered Decepticon threat, we find ourselves back at Sam’s college.

The weird girl with the hots for Sam, whom Bumblebee had all but ejected (wait for it) out of his car the first time around, is on a mission to find our boy hero.

She – her name is Alice – finds a frantic and manic Sam in his dorm room with alien symbols written on the wall; all the Allspark mathematics in his mind on the walls of his room.

Alice is – gulp – very special. As she “pretends” to seduce a resistant Sam on his bed, we are horrified to see a metallic, prehensile tail snake out from underneath a dress that was much too short anyway.

Mikaela, who was on her way to surprise Sam, sees Alice on top of her boyfriend, and almost leaves him, until she opens the door to see that Alice isn’t a girl at all, but a class of Decepticon called a Pretender, who are capable of transforming into convincing biological renditions of humans, complete with fleshy exoskeleton.

Mikaela, during the escape from this abomination, manages to destroy Alice the Pretender. Unfortunately, they are all caught by Blackout and escorted to an abandoned warehouse, where Starscream and Megatron await with the Doctor to extract the Allspark information from Sam’s brain – without aid of anesthetic, as you can imagine.

At the last minute, Optimus comes blazing from the sky, blasting Starscream and Megatron out of the way as Bumblebee manages to extract the almost-unlucky three (Sam, Mikaela and Sam’s roommate Leo) out of harm’s way. Despite our earlier claim of not seeing Megatron’s alt-modes anymore, we do catch a one-second glimpse of his Cybertronian tank-mode as he gives chase after the Autobots and their charge.

optimus double swords

“I’ll take you all on!”

It is instructive to note that Optimus is simply a different breed of fighter, as befits his stature as a former gladiator in the early days of dead Cybertron, before he ruled the world jointly with (gasp!) Megatron, before the latter became so power-hungry it consumed him.

Prime kicks Starscream’s ass as though he were a normal jet, and not the air-superiority fighter that all other Autobots fear him as. Only Megatron, it seems, has a chance against his martial-art level of skill.

The CGI graphics used in the coming battle will likely be a standard by which to be measured for years; although at the pace at which things move in the movies these days, maybe merely a couple of months!

In an exhilarating battle scene, Sam (who is escaping in Optimus’ truck mode) and Mikaela and Leo are in Bumblebee, are ejected by the Autobot leader as Megatron is upon them. He crashes into Optimus to engage, once again, the only Transformers that has ever beaten him.

Mikaela and Leo are well on their way out of harm’s way in the extra-quick Bumblebee Camaro GT; besides, the looming Decepticons don’t particularly care about them anyway – its Sam they’re after. Optimus manifests that indomitable will and fighting chops once again, taking the battle to Megatron and winning round-after-round, all the while yelling at a fleeing Sam to run faster, while keeping the attention of the rapidly-converging Decepticons.

optimus in revenge of the fallen

3 Cans of Whup-assTM coming right up!

In Transformers Revenge of the Fallen, Grindor and Starscream descend ominously on the scene, tossing evergreens aside like toothpicks in the alternately dense and open forest.

The grimly one-sided battle begins, and they commence to work Optimus Prime over.

For a short time, the three Decepticons – Megatron, Starscream, and Grindor beat the brakes off Optimus; but he is not a Prime for any reason.

A beating that would have downed any other Autobot seems to renew him, and his resurgence is brilliant to behold.

In a scene straight out of Enter the Dragon, Optimus Prime unleashes five things all at the same time: his dual Energon blades – charged to a thousand degrees of relentless cutting ability – and three cans of whup-ass. He batters Megatron, mangles Starscream’s right arm, and flat-out kills Grindor with the patented “Optimus Prime Demolishor” move – by erasing his face.

It seems like the battle with the three toughest Decepticons is over, and will go down in history as the greatest single display of Autobot combat skills on Earth. Until Megatron, who is nearly as resilient as Optimus, stabs him through the back during a moment of frantic worry as Optimus calls out for Sam. Sadly, Megatron’s huge pincer has an added attribute: there is an ion cannon in the middle.

When a roaring inferno pours through the wound, we know that the Decepticon leader has pulled the trigger, and that not even Optimus Prime can survive a blow like that. Planets away, The Fallen ignores his name and rises, apparently aware that the last Prime is dead.

The rest of the Autobots – finally! – arrive and keep the injured Decepticons Megatron and Starscream at bay, with Ratchet, Skids and Mudflap (the illiterate Autobots) and Ironhide at full power, while Bumblebee gathers Sam and they all make their escape. Optimus lies fallen in the forest, that great light gone out.

optimus scarred from battle

After Kal-El, Optimus may very well be the most noble alien of them all.

Although the last Prime is dead, Megatron and Starscream are defeated.

Sam, the final key to the Allspark and the last remaining gigantic source of Energon that The Fallen needs to feed and grow the army of Hatchlings, has escaped and is in the safety of the Autobot bastion.

A furious Megatron signals the space-borne Soundwave to release a massive signal alerting all the Decepticons to descend to Earth, from whatever planets and moons on which they reside.

The world becomes frighteningly aware of the threat, as the skies alight with the fire of Transformer Protoforms in atmospheric entry.

The Decepticons commandeer a TV station and broadcast their brutal version of America’s Most Wanted, revealing themselves to the world, and the threat they pose unless the people of Earth hand over Sam Witwicky.

In a telling scene that captures the magnitude of the situation that faces humanity, a helicopter brings the prone form of Optimus Prime and drops it gently at the air base, with humans and Autobots gathered around.

The National Security Advisor arrives and disbands N.E.S.T, by way of presidential order. It appears that the government is considering actually finding and handing Sam over. The situation is bleak, to say the least…

In a moment of delayed epiphany, Sam realizes that the Cybertronian signals on his arm and in his mind are a map to a source of Energon. Leo, his roommate from those days of college which seem so far away now, may just have saved the day: computer techie that he is, he knows of a brilliant behind-the-scenes techie that has always broken through his security.

He leads Sam to him….and in the surprise of the movie, Robowarrior is none other than the former head of the super-secret Sector 7, Agent Simmons! He helps figure it all out! Surprise! Surprise!

After a rather bumpy reunion, the Warrior Goddess – Sam’s girlfriend, Mikaela – remembers the Decepticon she has had stuffed in a box this whole time. They bring him out, and he recognizes the writing on Sam as the ancient Language of the Primes; and, while he can’t read it, he knows who can: so-called Seekers, who are extremely ancient Transformers that stayed behind in their alt-modes, never transforming. They must find one if they want to read the clues to where the Energon is.


Turncoat. He’s a beast anyway

It turns out that a once-mighty Seeker is in the Air & Space Museum. An SR-71 Blackbird is located and is enabled to transform with the piece of the Shard.

Sam draws the symbols that dominate his mind in the dirt, and without warning, Jetfire suddenly recalls his purpose and opens a Space Bridge (goddamn it’s good to be a Decepticon…even though he switched to the Autobots millennia ago).

sr-71 blackbird transformerIt transports the crew of humans and Autobots to Egypt, to the desert, where the original Seven Primes built a Solar Harvester that destroys Suns to make Energon.

With a single rule – don’t ever destroy an inhabited planet – one would think it would have been easy to follow. But alas; there are psychopaths even amongst aliens, it would seem.

One of their number tried to take Earth’s Sun, and he was banished out of their elite group; he became The Fallen. In characteristic psychopathic fashion, The Fallen couldn’t admit he was wrong, and directed his hatred at humanity.

Unfortunately for him, his brother Prime’s were creatures of astounding nobility, and defeated him in combat to take the Matrix of Leadership, which was the only key that could start up the Solar Harvester.

In a lasting act for the ages, they then resolved to keep the Matrix out of the Fallen’s hands forever, and used their nearly-invulnerable bodies to seal a room in which they placed the Matrix, which then melted perfectly into the surroundings, never – presumably – to be found. This act willfully cost them their lives.

“When Dawn alights the Dagger’s Tip,

Three Kings Will Reveal the Doorway”

Sam realizes – boy; when they come, they come in bunches, apparently – that the same key that can power the Solar Harvester should be able to bring Optimus Prime back to life; this latter is imperative, as only a Prime can defeat The Fallen. Which just absolutely sucks, if there aren’t any more around. So they must find the Matrix before The Fallen and the Decepticons do.

Using the map in his mind, Sam and crew depart from Jetfire to locate the Dagger’s Tip and find the doorway. Using three kings. It’s quite a bit past dawn though.

matrix of leadership

devastator face revenge of the fallen

Ugly mug. Don’t say it to his face, though.

Unfortunately, the three kings aren’t discovered soon enough.

The merry crew is spotted at a checkpoint camera, with facial recognition alerting both the CIA and the Decepticons as to their whereabouts.

Soundwave picks up the transmission and they are en route.

Luckily, so are the Marines; and, they’re bringing Optimus’ body (Sam and Agent Simmons had clandestinely contacted them, letting them know they needed Optimus’ dead body).

Solving the poem using the alignment of the rising sun and the Pyramids, our unlikely crew of heroes finds the Tomb of Primes, only to have the ages-old Matrix crumble in Sam’s hands. He resolutely gathers up the dust in a bag, in time for the cavalry’s arrival.

devastator transformers

If Megatron is Zeus, then I’m a Titan. What.

devastator eating up desert

Everything’s an all-you-can-eat affair

The general formerly in charge of NEST has flown the NEST crew, Autobots and all, along with Optimus Prime’s body, to the Egyptian desert.

Here, they are almost immediately set-upon by a rampaging Starscream, who is firing hunter seeker missiles from the sky.

Right behind him is Megatron and the Decepticon horde; it looks like the Egyptian desert, at the base a Pyramid, is where humanity’s fate will be decided.

The assault begins, to keep Sam from getting the Matrix to revive Optimus.

In one long and ferocious transformation, we see fully five Decepticons come together to form what is easily the largest Decepticon seen in Revenge of the Fallen yet: Devastator. It is so huge, it can’t even stand fully upright, weighted down by its massive torso.

While it’s busy wrapping up what appears to be a tedious process, we switch to Sam and Mikaela, who appear to be trapped inside a dilapidated building, with the Decepticons Ravage, Starscream and another right outside. Damn. They’re pretty serious about him not getting to Optimus Prime. We strongly suspect that if it wasn’t in the script that Sam would make it, he’d be toast.

Back to Devastator; we’re wondering what something this big can do, when it manifests what, in hindsight as well as at the moment, is a very effective power: an irresistible vortex, in which he employs a fusion-powered whirlwind to suck everything into its giant maw. That power, predictably, will almost be it’s undoing, courtesy of a jive-talking robot that, along with it’s brother, surprisingly weren’t the first things to die in Revenge of the Fallen.

rampage transformers

Impressive? Just remember – Bumblebee beat his ass.

Sam and Mikaela are somehow – while running, no less – escaping Decepticons that have the ability to fly and drive. It is now clear that our young hero’s greatest weapon is the script.

In an unforeseen twist, the Decepticons have brought Sam’s parents to the Egyptian battlefield, in order to use them as bait to make him relinquish the Matrix.

On the surface, the decision seems simple: give me my parents and I’ll give you the means by which to destroy the whole Solar System.

You’ve got to love robot-reasoning. The trap appears to work; but, alas; Rampage (one of the Constructicons, who come together to form Devastator) isn’t focusing his sensory devices behind him, where Bumblebee is waiting behind a building.

Displaying some Optimus-Prime-like fighting skills, Bumblebee lays the smack-down on Rampage, stomping his mug into the hard desert rock.

Then they went and made him drop down his battle mask, and Bumbles really started rolling; he killed Ravage with his bare hands, by pulling Soundwave’s pet’s spine out from its body.

Not through with the executioners move, he then pulled Rampage’s arms apart the robot’s torso, killing it. For a second there, we thought maybe Bumble’s guns didn’t work. Whatever you do, don’t play tug-of-war with Bumblebee Transformer.

Elsewhere, Agent Simmons – actually, he should have been referred to as former Agent Simmons throughout; but with what he’s about to do, we won’t nitpick about titles – can’t seem to shake his duties as a citizen of the United States of America, and crawls up the pyramid that Devastator is climbing up, in order to mark his position with a radio signal. In the first weapon designed by humans that actually looks like it could give a Transformer a run for its money, Simmons calls upon a Captain of a Destroyer ship to launch a classified railgun projectile at Devastator.

mixmaster transformers

Dope name…suspect game. He went down pretty easily – Jetfire rules!

Sam and Mikaela are unable to find a Transformer to drive them through the desert to reach the body of Optimus Prime, and so are running and dodging fire from all sides.

They nearly meet their Makers at the hand of the brutish Mixmaster Decepticon, who is little more than a bevy of shields and a very big gun. This thing takes out tanks.

And unfortunately, it seems like the other Autobots have their hands full with other Decepticons.

Thankfully, the faint steel glint of an SR-71 Blackbird is seen on the horizon…and it gets closer in the blink of an eye.

Jetfire careens out of the sky to engage Mixmaster; the old warrior makes quick work of the seemingly formidable opponent – rather like an old boxer making mincemeat of a young street-thug.

Unfortunately, the old warrior forgets to watch his back, and takes a mortal blow from Scorponok, whom he manages to smash to death even as his own vitals begin to pour forth from his chassis.

Agent Simmons marks his position close to Devastator Transformer, and calls for the rain. The railgun is launched at the digging Devastator, who is uncovering the Solar Harvester from the Pyramid of Gaza. It hits him with what looks like a blast from Optimus, himself, and puts the monster down for good.

It isn’t so good for Sam, the human hero. As the crew makes its trek across the desert to the body of the last good Prime, Megatron unleashes a fury of blue flame too close to the fragile human body that belongs to use all, and Sam takes a hit that is inadvisable for the human frame. He cartwheels lifeless through the air, fatefully landing beside the forlorn body of a kindred spirit in Optimus Prime. He is unresponsive to all attempts at revival.

the primes

The mightiest of them all. The Primes

Daylight, as in a dream.

Or, is it a dream? Sam is unhurt and upright and in the midst of an unreachable valley, with several mighty forms speaking to him of sacrifice and honor and the Prime Way.

It is the Valley of the Primes, and he learns their last secret regarding the Matrix of Leadership: even had the Decepticons found it, they would not have been able to use it, for it is not found; it is earned.

Their great magic had imbued it with a lasting property not so unlike the enchantment that binds Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir – only the worthy can lift it.

He is granted leave to return from this dimensional rift, back to the land of the corporeal living, and told to fulfill his destiny: merging the Matrix with the Spark of Optimus Prime.

In Transformers Revenge of the Fallen, Sam returns, and the Matrix reforms from the millions of particles of dust in the bag. He climbs the still form of the mighty Prime, and tabs him with the Matrix, reviving the great Autobot Leader.

No sooner than he does this, than one of those annoying space-bridges opens, and The Fallen descends to snatch the Matrix from Prime’s grasp; disappearing with the same suddenness with which he manifested, back to the start the Solar Harvester. A seriously-wounded but gallant Jetfire remarks in awe that a living Prime still exists.

optimus combination jetfire transformers


The Fallen alights atop the Harvester and ignites it with the Matrix, starting the process that will eat our Sun.

In a final heroic act, Jetfire wrenches out his own heart, telling Optimus Prime to take his parts to experience “a power that he has never known”.

The Transformer Jolt becomes instrumental here, using his electrified cables to transfer Jetfire’s formidable parts to Optimus, who experiences a transformation that tops even Devastator’s.

In this form, he takes to the sky like some kind of Autobot demigod, to engage the impenetrable defenses of the Fallen, who is gathered there with Megatron.

A truly magnificent Optimus is the only form that can break through the Fallen’s defenses; he destroys the Harvester with one blast from his kiloton ion blaster.

This sends all three Transformers to the ground below the pyramid. Megatron, The Fallen and Optimus are now in full battle-heat.

In a move that reminds us of Optimus’ very effective penchant for taking faces; he blasts half of Megatron’s mug off, pretty much eliminating him from this particular fight.

Surprisingly, the Fallen doesn’t fare all that much better than his servant; Optimus totally destroys him, to the tune of his most famous war-cry: “One Shall Rise, and One Shall Fall!”

This guy’s always inspiring. Warrior-born, warrior-bred; there would be no revenge of the Fallen on Optimus Prime’s watch.



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