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Amazon’s 3P Online Video Services – The Best Video Streaming on the Web?

Watch Movies Online: Amazon’s 3P Video Streaming Subscription Service

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Online Video Services: In a world filled with technology and the ability to stream shows and movies at any time, Amazon released their Amazon Video program that would allow customers to participate in their Streaming Partners Program. More than just streaming specific television shows, Amazon Prime users can subscribe to and stream actual channels with access to them on all of their devices.

With more than thirty ad-free channels, Amazon Prime members are able to watch their favorite movies and TV shows on demand while customizing their television experience by only adding on the channels that they would like to watch. The ability to add single channels makes television, not only enjoyable, but affordable. With no contracts or subscription agreements attached to Amazon’s online video services, you can add and delete channels as you wish and as often as you wish with no penalty. Amazon Video truly gives you the option and the freedom to choose.

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How Online Video Streaming with Amazon Works

amazon videoAmazonVideo is only available to individuals with a valid Amazon Prime membership. Once inside, you’ll enjoy top-of-the-line online video services that millions of other subscribers are already enjoying – on demand.

Such variations of this membership include: an Amazon Prime membership, a thirty-day Amazon Prime free trial, an annual Amazon student membership, an Amazon Student free trial, an Amazon Fresh account, an Amazon Prime fresh free trial, an Amazon Prime free preview, and an Amazon Household account with shared benefits.

Currently, channel subscriptions for online video streaming are only available in the United States and their territories and are not shareable across Amazon Prime accounts and/or Household profiles.

Any channel subscriptions or standalone subscriptions that have been purchased outside of AmazonVideo are considered outside and separate services and are not able to be used with or accessed through AmazonVideo.

Have Online Video Services Found Success

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The response to Amazon Online Video Streaming has been astounding. Amazon has provided options for customers to have access a lot of, otherwise, underrepresented genres, shows, and programs (i.e. STARZ, HBO, Dove, National Geographic International), all of which has generated a very positive response to the platform. So much so that Amazon is pushing to expand it’s third party channel providers in order to provide a much larger array of choices for customers.

With success comes lessons, and overtime Amazon Video looks to change and improve AmazonVideo’s user experience by simplifying content discovery and being able to offer better and suitable recommendations, tailored to the subscriber’s needs. They would also like to expand it’s availability across multiple platforms and devices while maintaining one service and one app which will increase continuity.

Amazon is offering a free thirty-day trial for Amazon Prime which will grant you access to free two-day shipping, Amazon Video, Amazon Music, the Amazon Library and all of the other benefits that Amazon Prime has to offer. Prime Video also offers a free thirty-day trial which grants you access to thousands of TV shows, movies, and Amazon’s Original movie and TV show features. From there you are able to add on channels and subscriptions as you would like. No need to panic or worry, you are able to manage your subscriptions on your account page which allows you to cancel or change subscriptions at any time. If you have any questions or problems, Amazon’s amazing customer service department is available to assist and provide more information if needed.

Happy Online Video Streaming – Join Amazon Prime – Watch Thousands of Movies & TV Shows Anytime – Start Free Trial Now!