Jack Reacher Books – by Author Lee Child

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Lee Child – creator of Jack Reacher

Jack Reacher is the freshest hero to hit the scene in years. Two words describe him best – likeable and extremely-capable.

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This ex-military policeman with extraordinary fighting skills and unbreakable will is a reluctant hero – but you definitely want him on your side when there’s trouble on the horizon.

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How good are Child’s Reacher books? OneShot was made into the 2012 movie Jack Reacher. It cost $60 million and made over $218 million.

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British author Lee Child is the #1 international bestselling author because of his sure hand in crafting his Jack Reacher thrillers.

Trust me when I say all the books in the series are absolute page-turners. Chronologically, the first book features Jack during his final days in the military – check out The Enemy:

jack reacher series the enemy lee child books

The Enemy is the only book that features Reacher in the military, the rest follow his wandering civilian life afterwards – click below to the books in the ongoing series to date:

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You won’t be disappointed!


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