Valentines Day Gift Ideas, Chocolate Gift Baskets and More…

Valentines Day is just around the corner again, lovely couples of Earth; you know – that day of romantic love noted by cultures all around the world.

italy valentines day

For the fellas especially, just make sure you know not to break the bank getting something for that special lady – it’s you she wants, and it’s the thought that counts.


From the popular chocolate gift basket, flowers and cards, to the imaginative USB-powered foot warmers – it’s hard to go wrong on Valentines Day, given the range of options. So get ready to cuddle up with that special someone 🙂

valentines day lovers

In short order, here are a few bestselling Valentines Day gifts for men and women alike.

1. Wine Baskets for Him or Her

You can’t go wrong with wine or champagne for your loved one on Valentines Day. There are so many possible selections; some come with delicacies like smoked salmon, chocolate or even a romantic dinner for two…or, make your own!

wine basket valentines day

 2. Watches for Him – and Her!

A good timepiece is a priceless gift – he will think of you every time he puts it on for a business meeting or night out. Click the graphic for a growing list of wristwatches…

valentines day mens watch for him

3. Jewelry – Think Heart Pendants, etc.

If diamonds aren’t a girl’s best friend – they’re certainly second-best. You know her best, so alter your choices accordingly on Valentine’s Day.

valentines day dating

 4. Chocolate Gift Baskets for Lovers

chocolate gift baskets

For those in a rush, a chocolate gift basket is a quick but thoughtful way to say “Happy Valentines Day, Sweetheart.”

Leonidas Belgian Chocolate Bars
pinstor leonidas chocolates

From Godiva and Leonidas, to Cadbury, See’s, Lindt, Ghirardelli and Milka – there’s a host of selections from which to choose.

Satisfy both your sweet tooths – together.

Godiva Chocolate Bars
godiva chocolate bars varieties

 5. Gold Hoop Earrings for Your Special Lady

Just look at how the geometry of the hoops draw your eyes to this lovely lady’s features…need I say more?

beautiful black girl with gold hoops

 6. Flowers Always Bring a Smile…

Roses are red…violets are blue…through thick and thin – I love you!

strip of flowers red


valentines day flowers girl

strip of flowers red


Warm Up Winter with a Smile! Save up to 40% on Flowers & Gifts at

Click above and below for flower selections!
girl with flowers pinstor.usstrip of flowers

  7.  USB Foot-Warmer – For Your Special Geek

Everybody who works at a desk in the winter-time appreciates a space-heater underneath. The next best thing – and more portable – is a USB foot-warmer:

usb powered foot warmer

8. Not Sure What to Get Her? A Valentines Day Gift Card Lets Her Decide!

dating image3

A card lets you off the hook without appearing insensitive. I mean, do you really want to shop for the wrong handbag or pair of…uhhh…panties? Click the graphic below to see your options:

two lovers on valentines day


happy valentines day couple

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