The Best Gummy Bear – Haribo or Black Forest Gummies?


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The gummy bear is a great-tasting colored candy that always makes it back into the pantry.

gummy bears

The best gummy bear brands are – in our opinion – Black Forest gummy bears and Haribo gummy bears. The Albanese and Trolli brands also get a nod.


Black Forest Gummy Bears are slightly sweeter than Haribo Gummy Bears.

They sell a 5-lb. bag and 6-lb. bag of every Gummy Bear color.

gummy bear wet with vodka

Some people make gummybear vodkas for a sweet and tangy alcoholic beverage.


Gummy fun fact: the green gummies are actually strawberry-flavored in most brands; the translucent ones are pineapple.


You can even get coffee-flavored gummies for an early-morning pick-me-up.

Gummy Bear Popsicle Treats

When the hot summer temperatures arrive, kids love a gummy bear and Sprite or 7-Up popsicle treat.

frozen Gummy bear popsicles

gummy bears popsicles

For real lovers of the gummy bear, there’s a 5 lb. variety sold that has over 6,000 calories. The biggest single gummy sold to consumers weighs 26 lbs.

We get all our gummy bears from – check out the options below!

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