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The 5 Most Hurtful Things a Man Can Say to a Woman

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The pen is mightier than the sword, and the wounds it can make take much longer to heal. Guys, if you’re in a committed relationship – heck; even if it’s a more-or-less casual relationship – there are just some things you never say to a woman you’re dating. She may not show it, but chances are you’ve cut more deeply than Will’s knife.

1.You’re Just Being Emotional

black couple arguing pinstor.usOuch. Guys, this is a stigma that women have fought long and hard to eradicate.

Here’s a dating tip between you and I: even if she just so happens to be “too emotional” over something or other; do not tell her that.

Yes; it can seem to us men that women are quite sensitive about many things – but you’ve got to ask yourself – isn’t that part of the reason we love them? Women care.

Telling her she’s being too emotional is just your way of blowing off something that may actually be important, and dismissing her perspective – and that’s a no-no. Besides, some things are worth being emotional over – perhaps it’s you who isn’t being emotional enough.

2.You Should Wear Make-Up More

amber heard with makeup onThis is absolutely horrible. Both men and women care about their looks – but make no mistake; it matters far more to a woman because of how the world perceives them and how they perceive themselves.

By the time she is of age to date, trust me – the lady knows what she likes and what she doesn’t like when it comes to make-up.

Basically, your words can make her feel old, unpretty and insecure.

She simply doesn’t need your underhanded comments concerning something she’s likely been playing with since she was maybe 13 years old. That’s one of the many dating tips you can take to the bank.

3.Honey – Have You Put on Weight?

voluptuous womanSorry, guys – but if you say some variation of this to your lover, you must be either cruel, or clueless. By your age, you should definitely know how women tend to feel about their weight.

Now I’m not saying you should necessarily love her body no matter what (that’s a nice sentiment, though), but there are better ways to broach the subject – after all, weight can be a matter of health, so it’s more important than just looks.

Start going to the gym yourself, for starters – and make it easy for her to want to come along. You know her better than I ever will so…you’ll figure something out. Besides, if she’s put on some weight, trust me – she knows it. Down to the ounce.

4.You Remind Me Of….

This one’s a bit touchy. Truth is, you’re in shaky waters when trying to compare her to someone else. Are you saying there’s something missing? That maybe she’s “almost” as pretty as your ex, or “nearly” as ambitious? The English language has many adjectives – use them.

Just tell her she’s beautiful, or smart, or classy, or caring. So take heed of these dating tips: don’t compare her to an ex or celebrity – unless it’s favorable. And even then, it’s best to steer clear. There simply is no need to bring a proper noun into the equation.

5.You Nag A lot

dating tips black woman nagging manEven if this is true, there’s no need to be so incredibly insensitive about it.

Remember, women are such beautiful creatures precisely because they care so much (in general).

So, if she asks you the same thing multiple times or troubles you about something you already thought was resolved, it’s her way of staying connected.

Let her down gently – perhaps by explaining why, instead of just giving an answer. You can be brusque with your boys, but avoid being brusque with your lover.

Dating Tips Conclusion

dating tips hoop earringsWe’ve come to the end of our dating tips, so in conclusion – this one’s for the ladies: there are men out there who will tell you truly horrible things once they discern that you have feelings for them.

I’ve heard and read it all…there are guys who’ve told their girlfriends and wives that they aren’t as pretty as models.

I wonder how those guys would feel if they were reminded that they aren’t as successful as (insert here_). Not very good, I imagine.

Others have blatantly spewed such gems like – “you would be prettier if you were a bit lighter-skinned,” or the similar, “you’re cute for a darker girl.”

There’s only one constant regarding the men who say such things – they are weak cowards trying to foist their deeply-rooted insecurities on you.

They are trying to hurt you, which is why they always seem to say just the thing that does just that – they wait till they’ve gotten to know you to unload the ammo.

If you find yourself saddled with this kind of man, run for the hills; because, in addition to being inadequate personalities, they may be narcissists or even sociopaths.

They feed on negativity and would love nothing more than to drag you down with them. So have a toast to your inner strength, ladies – and find someone deserving of your unique love.

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