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5 Types of Women that Could Destroy You

angry black girl yelling at man

I once had a friend (we lost contact) who was in a serious but tumultuous relationship with a young lady. He was one of the nicest guys you could meet, and had never had trouble with any of his very few ex-girlfriends – not even the breakups, which were often largely due to distance and going to different colleges.

argument between lovers pinstor.usWe would walk to the basketball courts in college, and he would confide in me how often he and his girl would get into arguments.

Afterwards, Marc (as we’ll call him) would feel terrible and sometimes call her after she stormed out of his on-campus room.

Much more often than not, she would text him to come over and pretend as though nothing had happened. As I sit here writing this almost a decade later, with much more knowledge about such things, I recall all the stories Marc told me and realize that the young lady thrived on conflict.

A lot of people find it difficult to believe – but there are actually people out there who aren’t happy unless they’re making you unhappy! It’s amazing, I know; and it goes for both men and women. With that in mind, here’s a short list of seven personality types you should stay far away from…

1.Mrs. Essay

pretty woman with skeptical smirkGuys – watch out for this one. This young lady cannot seem to process one-word answers for the life of her.

Obviously, if you only give one-word answers to any question, then the problem probably lies with you, but that doesn’t mean you need to provide an essay explaining your every motivation.

It’s natural for women and men to want elaboration from their partners, but it’s unnatural to start an argument every time you don’t give one – especially if it makes you uncomfortable when you thought you’d been clear. S

he probably has trust issues, and even if you’ve never given her reason to doubt you, the constant haranguing WILL quickly wear down your relationship.

The bottom line is, there’s just no good reason you should be paying for another man’s mistakes.

2.The Insubstantial Chameleon

Giving dating tips on this one is a bit dicey. This young lady goes to great lengths to appear successful and worldly. The problem is, she doesn’t really have much of a self-identity when you strip away the surface. She’s on social media ALL day long, and flits between personality types.

The problem here is actually two-fold: if you like her, how can you be sure who it is you’re actually liking? And, this kind of absorption speaks to deep, underlying insecurities that place themselves above everything – even any relationship you two would share.

Does she know obscure details about every trending celebrity? Who the heck has time for all that, unless she works at a magazine? This girl might actually be a fit for you, if you’re concerned about the details of the latest Kardashian vacation. Just know that if you stay with her, you’ll always take a distant backseat to her imagined world.

3. Hidden Rage

black girl arms foldedThis girl is infuriatingly passive-aggressive, and it manifests itself in multiple forms.

For example, if you two are having an “honesty session,” or something, and you both agree to something; despite her voiced agreement, she storms off or withdraws from you for days on end or even longer.

This isn’t merely a case of not expressing her feelings – it’s a case of disguising them in an attempt to manipulate your own feelings. With this girl, she wants what she wants – even if it doesn’t always make sense.

The problem here is that the obvious thing isn’t what she actually wants; what she really wants is control of your emotional state.

Keep in mind that with some of these things, many of us do it sometimes – but for her, it’s a pattern.

Dating tips verdict: Without therapy, this is a woman you cannot please. It’s best to steer clear.

4. Mrs. Me, Myself and I

dating tips girl holding up money pinstor.usWith three people to please her, it’s a wonder she even needs a relationship with a man. This lovely lass (don’t worry, she’ll tell you all about it) is in love with herself – or so she thinks. Usually, she’s a narcissist, but this isn’t always the case – though it can be a fine edge.

A girl like this will push you to your breaking point and drain you of understanding, because the deep underlying truth is that she lacks self-esteem.

This causes her to actively (and constantly) seek out the attention she needs to bolster her esteem, and she’ll take it from as many sources as she can get. Do you want that job? Yes? Well then go for it – and good luck.

As for the narcissistic type, she’s like a siphon. The truth is, her narcissism is a mask for a horribly-inadequate sense of self, and any attempts to call her out on it, or point out her draining ways, could lead to the legendary narcissistic rage – of which you want no part.

This here is clinical, and you cannot be happy with a woman like this; she’s a black hole with an unending gullet for conflict and extroverted behavior.

5. The T-1000

girl pointing and yellingYou saw Terminator II, right? If you saw the T-1000 heading towards you, you would run, right? Well then keep those legs pumping from the human version, because all she wants is for you to do whatever she says.

She will not tolerate dissension or compromise; it’s her way or the highway – except she doesn’t actually want to get rid of you.

Remember, she wants someone to control, so being with her could be an emotional roller-coaster that makes you wonder if she’s bipolar.

One day she’ll be somewhat agreeable if she feels you slipping away, just to turn the dial back up to maximum to wrest total control back. All that’s missing from this package is a strobing red light on her forehead delivering pronouncements throughout the day

Most problem-women fall under one or more of these categories, and the only real dating tip to give is to avoid them. You can’t “fix” them, but they can most certainly break you. Stay far, far away.


Dating tips: You might want to give her what she wants until you can escape.


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